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Java 2 - New Classes and Interfaces in JDK 1.2


AWTEventListener Interface java.awt Detail
AbstractCollection Class java.util Detail
AbstractList Class java.util Detail
AbstractMap Class java.util Detail
AbstractSequentialList Class java.util Detail
AbstractSet Class java.util Detail
AccessibleObject Class java.lang Detail
Activatable Class java.rmi Detail
ActivateFailedException Class java.rmi Detail
ActivationDesc Class java.rmi Detail
ActivationException Class java.rmi Detail
ActivationGroup Class java.rmi Detail
ActivationGroupDesc Class java.rmi Detail
ActivationGroupDesc.CommandEnvironment Class java.rmi Detail
ActivationGroupID Class java.rmi Detail
ActivationGroup_Stub Class java.rmi Detail
ActivationID Class java.rmi Detail
ActivationInstantiator Interface java.rmi Detail
ActivationMonitor Interface java.rmi Detail
ActivationSystem Interface java.rmi Detail
Activator Interface java.rmi Detail
ActiveEvent Interface java.awt Detail
AffineTransform Class java.awt Detail
AlgorithmParameterGenerator Class java.security Detail
AlgorithmParameterGeneratorSpi Class java.security Detail
AlgorithmParameterSpec Interface java.security Detail
AlgorithmParameters Class java.security Detail
AlgorithmParametersSpi Class java.security Detail
Annotation Class java.text Detail
AppletInitializer Interface java.beans Detail
Arc2D Class java.awt Detail
Arc2D.Double Class java.awt Detail
Arc2D.Float Class java.awt Detail
Area Class java.awt Detail
Array Interface java.sql Detail
ArrayList Class java.util Detail
ArrayList Class java.util Detail
Arrays Class java.util Detail
Arrays Class java.util Detail
AttributedCharacterIterator Interface java.text Detail
AttributedCharacterIterator.Attribute Class java.text Detail
AttributedString Class java.text Detail
Attributes Class java.util Detail
Authenticator Class java.net Detail
Autoscroll Interface java.awt Detail
BatchUpdateException Class java.sql Detail
BeanContext Interface java.beans Detail
BeanContextChild Interface java.beans Detail
BeanContextChildComponentProxy Interface java.beans Detail
BeanContextChildSupport Class java.beans Detail
BeanContextContainerProxy Interface java.beans Detail
BeanContextEvent Class java.beans Detail
BeanContextMembershipEvent Class java.beans Detail
BeanContextMembershipListener Interface java.beans Detail
BeanContextProxy Interface java.beans Detail
BeanContextServicesSupport Class java.beans Detail
BeanContextSupport Class java.beans Detail
Blob Interface java.sql Detail
BreakIterator Class java.text Detail
CRL Class java.security Detail
CallableStatement Interface java.sql Detail
CertificateFactory Class java.security Detail
CertificateFactorySpi Class java.security Detail
Character.Subset Class java.lang Detail
Character.UnicodeBlock Class java.lang Detail
Clob Interface java.sql Detail
CollationElementIterator Class java.text Detail
Collator Class java.text Detail
Collection Interface java.util Detail
Collection Interface java.util Detail
Collections Class java.util Detail
Comparable Interface java.lang Detail
Comparator Interface java.util Detail
ConcurrentModificationException Class java.util Detail
ConcurrentModificationException Class java.util Detail
Connection Interface java.sql Detail
CubicCurve2D Class java.awt Detail
CubicCurve2D.Double Class java.awt Detail
CubicCurve2D.Float Class java.awt Detail
DSAParameterSpec Class java.security Detail
DSAPrivateKeySpec Class java.security Detail
DSAPublicKeySpec Class java.security Detail
DataFlavor Class java.awt Detail
DesignMode Interface java.beans Detail
Dimension2D Class java.awt Detail
DnDConstants Class java.awt Detail
DragSource Class java.awt Detail
DragSourceContext Class java.awt Detail
DragSourceDragEvent Class java.awt Detail
DragSourceDropEvent Class java.awt Detail
DragSourceEvent Class java.awt Detail
DragSourceListener Interface java.awt Detail
DriverManager Class java.sql Detail
DropTarget Class java.awt Detail
DropTargetContext Class java.awt Detail
DropTargetDragEvent Class java.awt Detail
DropTargetDropEvent Class java.awt Detail
DropTargetEvent Class java.awt Detail
DropTargetListener Interface java.awt Detail
Ellipse2D Class java.awt Detail
Ellipse2D.Double Class java.awt Detail
Ellipse2D.Float Class java.awt Detail
EncodedKeySpec Class java.security Detail
FileFilter Interface java.io Detail
FileFilter Interface java.io Detail
FilePermission Class java.io Detail
FlavorMap Interface java.awt Detail
GeneralPath Class java.awt Detail
GraphicsConfigTemplate Class java.awt Detail
HashMap Class java.util Detail
HashSet Class java.util Detail
IllegalPathStateException Class java.awt Detail
InheritableThreadLocal Class java.lang Detail
InputContext Class java.awt Detail
InputMethodEvent Class java.awt Detail
InputMethodHighlight Class java.awt Detail
InputMethodListener Interface java.awt Detail
InputMethodRequests Interface java.awt Detail
InputSubset Class java.awt Detail
InvalidAlgorithmParameterException Class java.security Detail
InvalidDnDOperationException Class java.awt Detail
InvalidKeySpecException Class java.security Detail
InvalidParameterSpecException Class java.security Detail
InvocationEvent Class java.awt Detail
Iterator Interface java.util Detail
Iterator Interface java.util Detail
JarException Class java.util Detail
JarFile Class java.util Detail
JarInputStream Class java.util Detail
JarOutputStream Class java.util Detail
JarURLConnection Class java.net Detail
KeyFactory Class java.security Detail
KeyFactorySpi Class java.security Detail
KeyPairGeneratorSpi Class java.security Detail
KeySpec Interface java.security Detail
KeyStore Class java.security Detail
KeyStoreException Class java.security Detail
KeyStoreSpi Class java.security Detail
Line2D Class java.awt Detail
Line2D.Double Class java.awt Detail
Line2D.Float Class java.awt Detail
LinkedList Class java.util Detail
List Interface java.util Detail
ListIterator Interface java.util Detail
Manifest Class java.util Detail
Map Interface java.util Detail
Map Interface java.util Detail
Map.Entry Interface java.util Detail
MarshalledObject Class java.rmi Detail
MessageDigestSpi Class java.security Detail
Node Interface javax.xml Detail
NoninvertibleTransformException Class java.awt Detail
ObjectOutputStream.PutField Class java.io Detail
ObjectStreamField Class java.io Detail
PKCS8EncodedKeySpec Class java.security Detail
ParsePosition Class java.text Detail
PasswordAuthentication Class java.net Detail
PhantomReference Class java.lang Detail
Point2D Class java.awt Detail
Point2D.Double Class java.awt Detail
Point2D.Float Class java.awt Detail
PreparedStatement Interface java.sql Detail
PropertyPermission Class java.util Detail
Provider Class java.security Detail
QuadCurve2D Class java.awt Detail
QuadCurve2D.Double Class java.awt Detail
QuadCurve2D.Float Class java.awt Detail
RMIClientSocketFactory Interface java.rmi Detail
RMIServerSocketFactory Interface java.rmi Detail
Rectangle2D Class java.awt Detail
Rectangle2D.Double Class java.awt Detail
Rectangle2D.Float Class java.awt Detail
RectangularShape Class java.awt Detail
Ref Interface java.sql Detail
Reference Class java.lang Detail
ReferenceQueue Class java.lang Detail
ReflectPermission Class java.lang Detail
ResultSet Interface java.sql Detail
ResultSetMetaData Interface java.sql Detail
RoundRectangle2D Class java.awt Detail
RoundRectangle2D.Double Class java.awt Detail
RoundRectangle2D.Float Class java.awt Detail
RuleBasedCollator Class java.text Detail
SOAPBody Interface javax.xml Detail
SOAPFault Interface javax.xml Detail
SOAPMessage Class javax.xml Detail
SQLData Interface java.sql Detail
SQLInput Interface java.sql Detail
SQLOutput Interface java.sql Detail
SecureRandom Class java.security Detail
SecureRandomSpi Class java.security Detail
SerializablePermission Class java.io Detail
Set Interface java.util Detail
Set Interface java.util Detail
Shape Interface java.awt Detail
Shape Interface java.awt Detail
SimpleDateFormat Class java.text Detail
SoftReference Class java.lang Detail
SortedMap Interface java.util Detail
SortedSet Interface java.util Detail
StringCharacterIterator Class java.text Detail
Struct Interface java.sql Detail
SystemFlavorMap Class java.awt Detail
ThreadLocal Class java.lang Detail
TreeMap Class java.util Detail
TreeSet Class java.util Detail
Types Class java.sql Detail
URLClassLoader Class java.net Detail
URLDecoder Class java.net Detail
UnknownGroupException Class java.rmi Detail
UnknownObjectException Class java.rmi Detail
UnrecoverableKeyException Class java.security Detail
UnsupportedClassVersionError Class java.lang Detail
UnsupportedOperationException Class java.lang Detail
WeakHashMap Class java.util Detail
WeakHashMap Class java.util Detail
WeakReference Class java.lang Detail
X509EncodedKeySpec Class java.security Detail

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