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BigData Frameworks - List of Wrapper Classes


ActiveCloneableEvictionPolicyWrapper Class Apache Flink Detail
ActiveEvictionPolicyWrapper Class Apache Flink Detail
AvroBagWrapper Class Apache Pig Detail
AvroMapWrapper Class Apache Pig Detail
AvroTupleWrapper Class Apache Pig Detail
BeanWrapper Interface Spring Detail
BigDecimalWrapper Class Apache Pig Detail
BigIntegerWrapper Class Apache Pig Detail
BsonDocumentWrapper Class MongoDb NoSql Detail
ChunkedWrapper Class Apache Mahout Detail
CombineFileRecordReaderWrapper Class Apache Hadoop Detail
CombineFileRecordReaderWrapper Class Apache Hadoop Detail
CombineFileRecordReaderWrapper Class Apache Hadoop Detail
CombineFileRecordReaderWrapper Class Apache Hadoop Detail
ContentCachingRequestWrapper Class Spring Detail
ContentCachingResponseWrapper Class Spring Detail
FSDataInputStreamWrapper Class Apache Flink Detail
FixedLengthWrapper Class Apache Hadoop Detail
FlowProcessWrapper Class Apache Cascading Detail
HadoopFileSystemWrapper Interface Apache Flink Detail
HashMapWrapper Class Apache Hadoop Detail
HiveFunctionWrapper Class Apache Spark Detail
IOWriterWrapper Class Apache Mahout Detail
InflaterInputStreamFSInputWrapper Class Apache Flink Detail
InputSplitWrapper Class Apache Flink Detail
InputViewDataInputStreamWrapper Class Apache Flink Detail
InputViewObjectInputStreamWrapper Class Apache Flink Detail
JavaFutureActionWrapper Class Apache Spark Detail
JavaToScalaUDTWrapper Class Apache Spark Detail
KeyWrapper Class Apache Hadoop Detail
LoadFuncMetadataWrapper Class Apache Pig Detail
LoadFuncWrapper Class Apache Pig Detail
MutableToRegularIteratorWrapper Class Apache Flink Detail
OrcFileKeyWrapper Class Apache Hadoop Detail
OrcFileValueWrapper Class Apache Hadoop Detail
OutputViewDataOutputStreamWrapper Class Apache Flink Detail
OutputViewObjectOutputStreamWrapper Class Apache Flink Detail
ParquetRecordReaderWrapper Class Apache Hadoop Detail
ParquetRecordWriterWrapper Class Apache Hadoop Detail
RCFileKeyBufferWrapper Class Apache Hadoop Detail
RCFileValueBufferWrapper Class Apache Hadoop Detail
RandomWrapper Class Apache Mahout Detail
RpcWrapper Class Apache Accumlo Detail
SQLStdHiveAccessControllerWrapper Class Apache Hadoop Detail
ScalaToJavaUDTWrapper Class Apache Spark Detail
StoreFuncMetadataWrapper Class Apache Pig Detail
StoreFuncWrapper Class Apache Pig Detail
TerminatedWrapper Class Apache Hadoop Detail
TimestampWrapper Class Apache Flink Detail
UserCodeClassWrapper Class Apache Flink Detail
UserCodeObjectWrapper Class Apache Flink Detail
UserCodeWrapper Interface Apache Flink Detail
VectorHashKeyWrapper Class Apache Hadoop Detail
WritableComparableWrapper Class Apache Flink Detail
WritableWrapper Class Apache Flink Detail

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