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Java Frameworks - List of Abnormally lengthy Class Names

FilterStringGroupColGreaterEqualStringGroupScalarBase Class Apache Hadoop Detail
FilterStringGroupScalarGreaterEqualStringGroupColumnBase Class Apache Hadoop Detail
FilterStringGroupScalarGreaterStringGroupColumnBase Class Apache Hadoop Detail
FilterStringGroupScalarLessEqualStringGroupColumnBase Class Apache Hadoop Detail
FilterStringGroupScalarNotEqualStringGroupColumnBase Class Apache Hadoop Detail
WorkflowJobsCountNotForPurgeFromParentIdJPAExecutor Class Apache Oozie Detail
ServletEnvironmentGrailsApplicationDiscoveryStrategy Class Grails Detail
AbstractDataSourceBasedMultiTenantConnectionProviderImpl Class Hibernate Detail
DefaultTrackingModifiedEntitiesRevisionInfoGenerator Class Hibernate Detail
NonStrictReadWriteEhcacheCollectionRegionAccessStrategy Class Hibernate Detail
NonStrictReadWriteEhcacheEntityRegionAccessStrategy Class Hibernate Detail
NonStrictReadWriteEhcacheNaturalIdRegionAccessStrategy Class Hibernate Detail
SynchronizationRegistryBasedSynchronizationStrategy Class Hibernate Detail
ClosureClassIgnoringComponentScanBeanDefinitionParser Class Spring Detail
AbstractAnnotationConfigDispatcherServletInitializer Class Spring Detail
RequestMappingInfoHandlerMethodMappingNamingStrategy Class Spring Detail

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