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Apache Flink - List of Exception Classes

CancelTaskException Class flink.runtime.execution Detail
CompilerException Class flink.compiler Detail
CompilerPostPassException Class flink.compiler Detail
ConflictingFieldTypeInfoException Class flink.compiler.postpass Detail
CorruptConfigurationException Class flink.runtime.operators.util Detail
DeserializationException Class flink.types Detail
ExceptionInChainedStubException Class flink.runtime.operators.chaining Detail
IllegalConfigurationException Class flink.configuration Detail
InitializationTypeConflictException Class flink.runtime.broadcast Detail
InstanceDiedException Class flink.runtime.instance Detail
InsufficientResourcesException Class Detail
InvalidProgramException Class flink.api.common Detail
InvalidTypesException Class flink.api.common.functions Detail
JobException Class flink.runtime Detail
JobExecutionException Class flink.runtime.client Detail
KeyFieldOutOfBoundsException Class flink.types Detail
LocalReceiverCancelledException Class Detail
MaterializationExpiredException Class flink.runtime.broadcast Detail
MemoryAllocationException Class flink.runtime.memorymanager Detail
MissingChildException Class flink.compiler.contextcheck Detail
MissingFieldTypeInfoException Class flink.compiler.postpass Detail
NoResourceAvailableException Class flink.runtime.jobmanager.scheduler Detail
NonSerializableUserCodeException Class flink.api.common Detail
NullFieldException Class flink.types Detail
NullKeyFieldException Class flink.types Detail
ParseException Class Detail
ProfilingException Class flink.runtime.profiling Detail
ProgramInvocationException Class flink.client.program Detail
ReceiverAlreadyClosedException Class Detail
RemoteException Class flink.runtime.ipc Detail
StreamVertexException Class flink.streaming.api.streamvertex Detail
TraversableOnceException Class flink.util Detail
UnsupportedAggregationTypeException Class Detail

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