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Java Frameworks - List of Cache Classes and Interfaces


AbstractCache Class Apache OfBiz Detail
AbstractCache Class Apache OfBiz Detail
AbstractEntityConditionCache Class Apache OfBiz Detail
AbstractLayoutCache Class Java SE Detail
BlockCache Interface Apache Accumlo Detail
Cache Class Apache OfBiz Detail
CacheEntry Interface Apache Accumlo Detail
CacheFlag Enum Apache Hadoop Detail
CacheLine Class Apache OfBiz Detail
CacheListener Interface Apache OfBiz Detail
CacheManager Class Apache Spark Detail
CacheManager Interface Apache Spark Detail
CacheRequest Class Java SE Detail
CacheResponse Class Java SE Detail
CacheSoftReference Class Apache OfBiz Detail
CacheTableCommand Class Apache Spark Detail
CacheTestClean Class Apache Accumlo Detail
CacheTestReader Class Apache Accumlo Detail
CacheTestWriter Class Apache Accumlo Detail
CachedBatch Class Apache Spark Detail
CachedBatchReadsMap Class Apache Storm Detail
CachedBlock Class Apache Accumlo Detail
CachedBlockQueue Class Apache Accumlo Detail
CachedConfiguration Class Apache Accumlo Detail
CachedDNSToSwitchMapping Class Apache Hadoop Detail
CachedData Class Apache Spark Detail
CachedGeneratorResult Interface GWT Detail
CachedMap Class Apache Storm Detail
CachedPropertyInformation Class GWT Detail
ClearCacheLine Class Apache OfBiz Detail
ClearEntityCaches Class Apache OfBiz Detail
DelegationTokenCache Class Apache Hive Detail
DistCache Class Apache Crunch Detail
DistCacheTap Class Apache Hadoop Detail
DistCacheTap Class Apache Hadoop Detail
DistributedCache Class Apache Hadoop Detail
DistributedCacheClear Interface Apache OfBiz Detail
DistributedCacheHelper Class Apache Accumlo Detail
EditRenderSubContentCacheTransform Class Apache OfBiz Detail
EhcacheHCatDependencyCache Class Apache Oozie Detail
EntityCache Class Apache OfBiz Detail
EntityCacheServices Class Apache OfBiz Detail
EntityListCache Class Apache OfBiz Detail
EntityObjectCache Class Apache OfBiz Detail
ExecutorCacheTaskLocation Class Apache Spark Detail
FileCacheImageOutputStream Class Java SE Detail
FixedHeightLayoutCache Class Java SE Detail
HCatDependencyCache Interface Apache Oozie Detail
HDFSCacheTaskLocation Class Apache Spark Detail
HardRefCacheLine Class Apache OfBiz Detail
HiveKVResultCache Class Apache Hadoop Detail
IOPrepareCache Class Apache Hadoop Detail
InstanceCache Class Apache Hadoop Detail
InternalCachedBag Class Apache Pig Detail
LimitedSubContentCacheTransform Class Apache OfBiz Detail
LruBlockCache Class Apache Accumlo Detail
MemoryCacheImageOutputStream Class Java SE Detail
MetricsCache Class Apache Hadoop Detail
NMTokenCache Class Apache Hadoop Detail
NodeIdCache Class Apache Spark Detail
ObjectCache Class Apache Hadoop Detail
ObjectCache Class Apache Hadoop Detail
ObjectCache Class Apache Hadoop Detail
ObjectCache Interface Apache Hadoop Detail
ObjectCacheFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
OfbizCacheStorage Class Apache OfBiz Detail
RenderSubContentCacheTransform Class Apache OfBiz Detail
ResponseCache Class Java SE Detail
ScreenCache Class Apache OfBiz Detail
SecureCacheResponse Class Java SE Detail
ServiceLayerCache Class GWT Detail
SimpleBlockCache Class Apache Accumlo Detail
SimpleHCatDependencyCache Class Apache Oozie Detail
SoftRefCacheLine Class Apache OfBiz Detail
StudentTCacher Class Apache Spark Detail
TezCacheAccess Class Apache Hadoop Detail
TimeCacheMap Class Apache Storm Detail
TokenCache Class Apache Hadoop Detail
TraverseSubContentCacheTransform Class Apache OfBiz Detail
UdfCacheShipFilesVisitor Class Apache Hadoop Detail
UtilCache Class Apache OfBiz Detail
UtilCacheEvents Class Apache OfBiz Detail
VariableHeightLayoutCache Class Java SE Detail
WidgetContextCacheKey Class Apache OfBiz Detail
WrapSubContentCacheTransform Class Apache OfBiz Detail
ZooCache Class Apache Accumlo Detail
ZooCache Class Apache Accumlo Detail
ZooCacheFactory Class Apache Accumlo Detail
ZooCachePropertyAccessor Class Apache Accumlo Detail

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