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Java Frameworks - List of Factory Classes and Interfaces


AccumuloRowIdFactory Interface Apache Hadoop Detail
AliasSupportedTransportFactory Class Apache OfBiz Detail
ArtifactInfoFactory Class Apache OfBiz Detail
AuthenticationProviderFactory Class Apache Hive Detail
AuthorizationFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
AutoBeanFactory Interface GWT Detail
BagFactory Class Apache Pig Detail
BasicIconFactory Class Java SE Detail
BasicThreadFactory Class Apache Commons Detail
BinSedesTupleFactory Class Apache Pig Detail
BirtFactory Class Apache OfBiz Detail
BloomFilterFactory Class Apache Crunch Detail
BorderFactory Class Java SE Detail
BroadcastFactory Interface Apache Spark Detail
BucketingSortingOpProcFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
CascadingFactory Interface Apache Cascading Detail
CertificateFactory Class Java SE Detail
CodecFactory Interface Java SE Detail
ColorChooserComponentFactory Class Java SE Detail
ColumnMappingFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
ColumnPrunerProcFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
CommandProcessorFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
CompositeAccumuloRowIdFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
CompressionCodecFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
ConditionalFactory Class Apache OfBiz Detail
ConnectionFactory Class Apache OfBiz Detail
ConnectionFactory Interface Apache OfBiz Detail
ConstantPropagateProcFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
ContentHandlerFactory Interface Java SE Detail
ContextualRenderedImageFactory Interface Java SE Detail
ContextualTypedActorFactory Class Akka Detail
CredentialProviderFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
CryptoModuleFactory Class Apache Accumlo Detail
DBCPConnectionFactory Class Apache OfBiz Detail
DataContentHandlerFactory Interface Java SE Detail
DataTransferFactory Class Apache Hive Detail
DatagramSocketImplFactory Interface Java SE Detail
DatatypeFactory Class Java SE Detail
DefaultAccumuloRowIdFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
DefaultBagFactory Class Apache Pig Detail
DefaultFormatterFactory Class Java SE Detail
DefaultKryoFactory Class Apache Storm Detail
DefaultTupleFactory Class Apache Pig Detail
DelegatorFactory Class Apache OfBiz Detail
DirObjectFactory Interface Java SE Detail
DirStateFactory Interface Java SE Detail
DocumentBuilderFactory Class Java SE Detail
DomBuilderFactory Class GWT Detail
DumbTransactionFactory Class Apache OfBiz Detail
DurableMailboxSpecActorFactory Class Akka Detail
DynAnyFactory Interface Java SE Detail
ElementBuilderFactory Class GWT Detail
EntityServiceFactory Class Apache OfBiz Detail
ErrorEdgeFactory Class Apache Storm Detail
EventFactory Class Apache OfBiz Detail
ExecutorServiceFactory Interface Akka Detail
ExprNodeEvaluatorFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
ExprProcFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
ExprProcFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
ExprWalkerProcFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
Factory Interface Apache OfBiz Detail
FakeRequestFactory Class GWT Detail
FileReaderFactory Interface Apache Crunch Detail
FormFactory Class Apache OfBiz Detail
FormatFactory Interface Apache Commons Detail
FormatterFactory Class Apache Accumlo Detail
GenericDispatcherFactory Class Apache OfBiz Detail
GenericEngineFactory Class Apache OfBiz Detail
GenericHelperFactory Class Apache OfBiz Detail
GeronimoTransactionFactory Class Apache OfBiz Detail
GridFactory Class Apache OfBiz Detail
GwtLocaleFactory Interface GWT Detail
HBaseStateFactory Class Apache Storm Detail
HCatRecordObjectInspectorFactory Class Apache Hive Detail
HadoopTupleCollectionFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
HadoopTupleCollectionFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
HadoopTupleMapFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
HadoopTupleMapFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
HandlerFactory Class Apache Pig Detail
HashTableLoaderFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
HdfsFileContentInfoFactory Class Apache Accumlo Detail
HdfsStateFactory Class Apache Storm Detail
HiveAuthFactory Class Apache Hive Detail
HiveAuthorizationTaskFactory Interface Apache Hadoop Detail
HiveAuthorizerFactory Interface Apache Hadoop Detail
HiveMetastoreClientFactory Interface Apache Hadoop Detail
HiveSparkClientFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
HiveStateFactory Class Apache Hive Detail
HtmlBuilderFactory Class GWT Detail
HttpBroadcastFactory Class Apache Spark Detail
ICalHandlerFactory Class Apache OfBiz Detail
IKryoFactory Interface Apache Storm Detail
InProcessRequestFactory Class GWT Detail
InitialContextFactory Interface Java SE Detail
InterSedesFactory Class Apache Pig Detail
JMXConnectorFactory Class Java SE Detail
JMXConnectorServerFactory Class Java SE Detail
JNDIContextFactory Class Apache OfBiz Detail
JNDITransactionFactory Class Apache OfBiz Detail
JSONMessageFactory Class Apache Hive Detail
JavaStreamingContextFactory Interface Apache Spark Detail
JdbcStateFactory Class Apache Storm Detail
JmsListenerFactory Class Apache OfBiz Detail
JoinCondTypeCheckProcFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
KeyManagerFactory Class Java SE Detail
KeyProviderFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
KeyWrapperFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
LBExprProcFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
LBPartitionProcFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
LBProcFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
LazyBinaryFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
LazyBinaryObjectInspectorFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
LazyFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
LazyObjectInspectorFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
LazyPrimitiveObjectInspectorFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
LeafFilterFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
LocalDispatcherFactory Interface Apache OfBiz Detail
LocalMapJoinProcFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
MBeanServerFactory Class Java SE Detail
ManagementFactory Class Java SE Detail
MapJoinFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
MenuFactory Class Apache OfBiz Detail
MessageFactory Class Java SE Detail
MessageFactory Class Apache Hive Detail
MessageFactory Class Apache Oozie Detail
MessageFactory Interface GWT Detail
MetalIconFactory Class Java SE Detail
MetricsFactory Class Apache OfBiz Detail
ModelConditionFactory Interface Apache OfBiz Detail
MonitorableThreadFactory Class Akka Detail
NamingThreadFactory Class Apache Accumlo Detail
NettyRenameThreadFactory Class Apache Storm Detail
ObjectCacheFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
ObjectFactory Interface Java SE Detail
ObjectInspectorFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
ObjectReferenceFactory Interface Java SE Detail
OfbizJposServiceFactory Class Apache OfBiz Detail
OpProcFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
OpProcFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
OpProcFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
OpTraitsRulesProcFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
OperatorFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
OsgiActorSystemFactory Class Akka Detail
PCollectionFactory Interface Apache Crunch Detail
POLocalRearrangeTezFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
ParquetPrimitiveInspectorFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
ParserFactory Class Java SE Detail
PatternFactory Class Apache OfBiz Detail
PcrExprProcFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
PcrOpProcFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
PerformanceTimerFactory Class Apache Pig Detail
PlaceHistoryMapperWithFactory Interface GWT Detail
PolicyFactory Interface Java SE Detail
PopupFactory Class Java SE Detail
PreferencesFactory Interface Java SE Detail
PrimitiveObjectInspectorFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
PrunerExpressionOperatorFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
PrunerOperatorFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
RMIClientSocketFactory Interface Java SE Detail
RMIExtendedSocketFactory Class Apache OfBiz Detail
RMIServerSocketFactory Interface Java SE Detail
RMISocketFactory Class Java SE Detail
ReaderWriterFactory Interface Apache Crunch Detail
ReflectDataFactory Class Apache Crunch Detail
RenderedImageFactory Interface Java SE Detail
RequestBodyMapHandlerFactory Class Apache OfBiz Detail
RequestFactory Interface GWT Detail
RequestHandlerFactory Interface Apache OfBiz Detail
RetryFactory Class Apache Accumlo Detail
RewriteCanApplyProcFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
RowSetFactory Class Apache Hive Detail
SAXParserFactory Class Java SE Detail
SAXTransformerFactory Class Java SE Detail
SOAPConnectionFactory Class Java SE Detail
SOAPElementFactory Class Java SE Detail
SOAPFactory Class Java SE Detail
SQLStdConfOnlyAuthorizerFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
SQLStdHiveAuthorizerFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
SSLClientSocketFactory Class Apache OfBiz Detail
SSLServerSocketFactory Class Java SE Detail
SSLServerSocketFactory Class Apache OfBiz Detail
SSLSocketFactory Class Java SE Detail
SaslClientFactory Interface Java SE Detail
SaslServerFactory Interface Java SE Detail
SchemaFactory Class Java SE Detail
SchemaTupleFactory Class Apache Pig Detail
ScreenFactory Class Apache OfBiz Detail
ScriptEngineFactory Interface Java SE Detail
ScriptHelperFactory Interface Apache OfBiz Detail
SearchArgumentFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
SecretKeyFactory Class Java SE Detail
SecurityFactory Class Apache OfBiz Detail
SemanticAnalyzerFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
SerializationFactory Class Apache Storm Detail
SerializationStreamFactory Interface GWT Detail
ServerConfigurationFactory Class Apache Accumlo Detail
ServerSocketFactory Class Java SE Detail
ServiceUIFactory Class Java SE Detail
SkewJoinProcFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
SocketFactory Class Java SE Detail
SocketImplFactory Interface Java SE Detail
SocksSocketFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
SparkCollectFactory Class Apache Spark Detail
SparkSkewJoinProcFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
SparkSortMergeJoinFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
SslRMIClientSocketFactory Class Java SE Detail
SslRMIServerSocketFactory Class Java SE Detail
StandardSocketFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
StashFactory Interface Akka Detail
StateFactory Interface Apache Storm Detail
StateFactory Interface Java SE Detail
StateMachineFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
StatsFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
StatsRulesProcFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
StorageFormatFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
StreamPrintServiceFactory Class Java SE Detail
SyncFactory Class Java SE Detail
SynthStyleFactory Class Java SE Detail
TableTypeMappingFactory Class Apache Hive Detail
TaskCompilerFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
TaskFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
TestConductorPipelineFactory Class Akka Detail
ThreadFactory Interface Java SE Detail
TokenizerFactory Class Apache Crunch Detail
TorrentBroadcastFactory Class Apache Spark Detail
TransactionFactory Class Apache OfBiz Detail
TransactionFactory Interface Apache OfBiz Detail
TransformerFactory Class Java SE Detail
TransportFactory Class Apache Storm Detail
TreeFactory Class Apache OfBiz Detail
TridentKafkaStateFactory Class Apache Storm Detail
TrustManagerFactory Class Java SE Detail
TupleCollectionFactory Interface Apache Cascading Detail
TupleFactory Class Apache Crunch Detail
TupleFactory Class Apache Pig Detail
TupleMapFactory Interface Apache Cascading Detail
TxnManagerFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
TypeCheckProcFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
TypeInfoFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
TypedActorFactory Interface Akka Detail
TypedArraysFactory Class GWT Detail
URLStreamHandlerFactory Interface Java SE Detail
UgiFactory Class Apache Hive Detail
UiFactory Class GWT Detail
UnionProcFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
UntypedActorFactory Interface Akka Detail
ValueFactory Interface Java SE Detail
VectorColumnAssignFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
VectorExpressionWriterFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
ViewFactory Interface Java SE Detail
ViewFactory Class Apache OfBiz Detail
WindowingExprNodeEvaluatorFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
WritableFactory Interface Apache Hadoop Detail
XMLEventFactory Class Java SE Detail
XMLInputFactory Class Java SE Detail
XMLOutputFactory Class Java SE Detail
XMLReaderFactory Class Java SE Detail
XMLSignatureFactory Class Java SE Detail
XPathFactory Class Java SE Detail
ZooCacheFactory Class Apache Accumlo Detail
ZooReaderWriterFactory Class Apache Accumlo Detail
ZookeeperServerCnxnFactory Class Apache Storm Detail

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