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Java FX - Class Diagram - Classes that implement ObservableList


FilteredListjavafx.collections.transformationWraps an ObservableList and filters it's content using the provided Predicate.Detail
ListBindingjavafx.beans.bindingBase class that provides most of the functionality needed to implement a Binding of an ObservableList.Detail
ListExpressionjavafx.beans.bindingA ListExpression is a ObservableListValue plus additional convenienceDetail
ListPropertyjavafx.beans.propertyThis class provides a full implementation of a Property wrapping a The value of a ListProperty can be get and set with ObservableObjectValue.Detail
ListPropertyBasejavafx.beans.propertyThe class ListPropertyBase is the base class for a property wrapping an ObservableList.Detail
ModifiableObservableListBasejavafx.collectionsAbstract class that serves as a base class for ObservableList implementations that are modifiable.Detail
ObservableListBasejavafx.collectionsAbstract class that serves as a base class for ObservableList implementations.Detail
ReadOnlyListPropertyjavafx.beans.propertySuper class for all readonly properties wrapping an ObservableList.Detail
ReadOnlyListPropertyBasejavafx.beans.propertyBase class for all readonly properties wrapping a ObservableList.Detail
ReadOnlyListWrapperjavafx.beans.propertyThis class provides a convenient class to define read-only properties.Detail
SimpleListPropertyjavafx.beans.propertyThis class provides a full implementation of a Property wrapping anSince:JavaFX 2.Detail
SortedListjavafx.collections.transformationWraps an ObservableList and sorts it's content.Detail
TransformationListjavafx.collections.transformationA base class for all lists that wraps other lists in a way that changes the list's elements, order, size or generally it's structure.Detail

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