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Java FX - Class Diagram - Classes that extend LongProperty


JavaBeanLongPropertyjavafx.beans.property.adapterA JavaBeanLongProperty provides an adapter between a regular Java Bean property of type long or Long and a JavaFX Detail
LongPropertyjavafx.beans.propertyThis class defines a Property wrapping a long value.Detail
LongPropertyBasejavafx.beans.propertyThe class LongPropertyBase is the base class for a property wrapping It provides all the functionality required for a property except for theDetail
ReadOnlyLongWrapperjavafx.beans.propertyThis class provides a convenient class to define read-only properties.Detail
SimpleLongPropertyjavafx.beans.propertyThis class provides a full implementation of a Property wrapping aSince:JavaFX 2.Detail
SimpleStyleableLongPropertyjavafx.cssThis class extends SimpleLongProperty and provides a full implementation of a StyleableProperty.Detail
StyleableLongPropertyjavafx.cssThis class extends LongPropertyBase and provides a partial implementation of a StyleableProperty.Detail

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