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Spring Security - List of Exceptions


AccessDeniedException Class access Detail
AccountExpiredException Class authentication Detail
AccountStatusException Class authentication Detail
AclDataAccessException Class acls.model Detail
ActiveDirectoryAuthenticationException Class Detail
AlreadyBuiltException Class config.annotation Detail
AlreadyExistsException Class acls.model Detail
AuthenticationCancelledException Class openid Detail
AuthenticationCredentialsNotFoundException Class authentication Detail
AuthenticationException Class core Detail
AuthenticationServiceException Class authentication Detail
AuthorizationServiceException Class access Detail
BadCredentialsException Class authentication Detail
ChildrenExistException Class acls.model Detail
CookieTheftException Class web.authentication.rememberme Detail
CredentialsExpiredException Class authentication Detail
CsrfException Class web.csrf Detail
CycleInRoleHierarchyException Class access.hierarchicalroles Detail
DisabledException Class authentication Detail
DnsEntryNotFoundException Class remoting.dns Detail
DnsLookupException Class remoting.dns Detail
IdentityUnavailableException Class acls.domain Detail
InsufficientAuthenticationException Class authentication Detail
InternalAuthenticationServiceException Class authentication Detail
InvalidCookieException Class web.authentication.rememberme Detail
InvalidCsrfTokenException Class web.csrf Detail
LockedException Class authentication Detail
MissingCsrfTokenException Class web.csrf Detail
NonceExpiredException Class web.authentication.www Detail
NotFoundException Class acls.model Detail
OpenIDConsumerException Class openid Detail
PasswordPolicyException Class ldap.ppolicy Detail
PreAuthenticatedCredentialsNotFoundException Class web.authentication.preauth Detail
ProviderNotFoundException Class authentication Detail
RememberMeAuthenticationException Class web.authentication.rememberme Detail
RemoteAuthenticationException Class authentication.rcp Detail
RequestRejectedException Class web.firewall Detail
SessionAuthenticationException Class web.authentication.session Detail
UnloadedSidException Class acls.model Detail
UsernameNotFoundException Class core.userdetails Detail

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