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Spring Security - List of Provider Classes and Interfaces


AbstractAclProvider Abstract Class acls.afterinvocation Detail
AbstractJaasAuthenticationProvider Abstract Class authentication.jaas Detail
AbstractLdapAuthenticationProvider Abstract Class ldap.authentication Detail
AbstractUserDetailsAuthenticationProvider Abstract Class authentication.dao Detail
AclEntryAfterInvocationCollectionFilteringProvider Class acls.afterinvocation Detail
AclEntryAfterInvocationProvider Class acls.afterinvocation Detail
ActiveDirectoryLdapAuthenticationProvider Class Detail
AfterInvocationProvider Interface access Detail
AnonymousAuthenticationProvider Class authentication Detail
AuthenticationProvider Interface authentication Detail
CasAuthenticationProvider Class cas.authentication Detail
DaoAuthenticationProvider Class authentication.dao Detail
DefaultJaasAuthenticationProvider Class authentication.jaas Detail
JaasAuthenticationProvider Class authentication.jaas Detail
LdapAuthenticationProvider Class ldap.authentication Detail
OpenIDAuthenticationProvider Class openid Detail
PostInvocationAdviceProvider Class access.prepost Detail
PreAuthenticatedAuthenticationProvider Class web.authentication.preauth Detail
RememberMeAuthenticationProvider Class authentication Detail
RemoteAuthenticationProvider Class authentication.rcp Detail
RunAsImplAuthenticationProvider Class access.intercept Detail
TestingAuthenticationProvider Class authentication Detail

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