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Spring MVC - New Classes and Interfaces in Spring 4.3


AsyncClientHttpRequestExecutionhttp.clientRepresents the context of a client-side HTTP request execution.Detail
AsyncClientHttpRequestInterceptorhttp.clientIntercepts client-side HTTP requests.Detail
Cache.ValueRetrievalExceptioncacheWrapper exception to be thrown from Cache.Detail
CaffeineCachecache.caffeineSpring Cache adapter implementationon top of a Caffeine Cache instance.Detail
CaffeineCacheManagercache.caffeineCacheManager implementation that lazily builds CaffeineCacheinstances for each getCache(java.Detail
ComponentScanscontext.annotationContainer annotation that aggregates several ComponentScan annotations.Detail
http.clientWrapper for a AsyncClientHttpRequestFactory that has support forAsyncClientHttpRequestInterceptors.Detail
InterceptingAsyncHttpAccessorhttp.client.supportThe HTTP accessor that extends the base AsyncHttpAccessor with requestintercepting functionality.Detail
RestControllerAdviceweb.bind.annotationA convenience annotation that is itself annotated withTypes that carry this annotation are treated as controller advice whereDetail
SerializationDelegatecore.serializer.supportA convenient delegate with pre-arranged configuration state for commonserialization needs.Detail

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