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ERROR - JVM Terminated - Exit code = 1 upon starting RAD on windows 7 - 64 bit


JVM Terminated - Exit code = -1 upon starting RAD / eclipse on windows 7 - 64 bit.


Possible Cause 1

Compatilbe mode "Windows 7" not selected.

Possible Resolution 1

Step 1 - Right click RAD and click properties.
Step 2 - Go to compatibility tab  and select Windows 7 within compatibility mode.

Step 3 - Right click RAD and select "Run as administrator".

Possible Cause 2

PATH doesn't have correct JRE.

Possible Resolution 2

Uninstall JDK / JRE and get the latest 64 bit JRE from sun site and set the PATH variable to include new JDK / JRE. 

Possible Cause 3 

Problem with eclipse.ini file. This is the property file used by eclipse / RAD during startup.

Possible Resolution 3

Google and find out as i found many suggestions to rectify problems in this file to get away with this issue. 

Possible Cause 4

Problem with the installation.

Possible Resolution 

Reinstalling eclipse / RAD may resolve the problem.

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