Interview Questions and Answers on Java , J2EE , Struts , Spring, SVN , RAD , Maven , XML , Design Pattern

OOP's Concepts Inheritance Classes and Objects Inner / Nested Classes
Static Methods Polymorphism Access Specifiers Wrapper Classes
Abstract Classes Marker Interface Abstraction Super
Encapsulation Java 5 Object Class Casting
Default Constructor Main Method Enum HashCode
Variables Collections MultiThreading Java Keywords
Serialization Strings Data Types Final, Finally
Class Loaders Memory Management JVM Garbage Collection
String Pool Collections - Search Interfaces Maps
HashMap / HashTable Exceptions Byte Code Static
Constructor IO - File/System Annotations Utility Class - Calendar
Utility Class - Date Utility Class - Locale Utility Class - Pattern Utility Classes
Integers Import String Comparison Path/ClassPath
TreeMap StringBuffer/StringBuilder Comparator/Comparable Reflection API
Testing Vector Composition Throw / Throws java.lang Streams FileInputStream
Collection Classes Advanced Java Boolean Assert
TreeSet HashSet Compiler Pointers
Primitive IOException Null PointerException Null
LinkedList Lambda Generics Scheduling
Default Methods AutoBoxing Try Catch Thread States
New Set Constructor Chaining Binary Search
ArrayList Arrays Static Block PermGen
Unicode Lazy Loading Reflection

Java / J2EE Java - Difference Between Frequently Asked - Java Java - One Liners
SCJP / Coding Java Multiple Choice Java Yes-No Java 8

Frameworks / Technologies / Products
Struts Production Support SWT RAD
SVN Markup Languages XML Maven
Spring JSP Servlets / JSP JSON
SQL Hibernate Hibernate Cache Lazy Loading
Hib Annotations Hibernate Config Rest Web Services Websphere Commerce
Hadoop Unix / Linux Database Junit
Session Http Rest Jira
Fisheye / Crucible Jenkins JSON

Design Pattern
Design Pattern Singleton Builder Adapter

Data Structures / Algorithm
Sorting Collections Design Choices Binary Search

Principal Java Developers Entry Level Java Developers Java Technical Lead Java Technical Architect
Software System Analyst Build Manager

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