IBM WCS ( Websphere Commerce ) - Quick Reference / Cheat Sheet

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Important Links

Managment center (CMC)
https://localhost:8000/lobtools - wcsadmin/wcsadmin
Admin Console

Org Admin Console




Config Files

WC config 
[Toolkit Folder]/xml/config/wc-server.xml

Promotion Engine Configuration
[Toolkit Folder]/xml/PromotionEngineConfiguration/WCSPromotionEngineConfig.xml


Log Files
[Toolkit folder]/wasprofile/logs/server1/*.log

Temp folder
[Toolkit folder]/wasprofile/temp

Changing DB 
Go to WCTK\bin
Execute the following command -

setdbtype oracle C:\oracle\product\10.2.0\db_1 <ServiceName> <DBAName> <DBAPwd> <DBUserID> <DBUserPwd> <DBHost> <DBServerPort>

Enabling Traces 

Tracing log into wasconsole 
Right click on the server -> goto admin console
Upon logging in go to  Servers  -> Application Servers
Click Server 1 
Click "Logging and Tracing" under Troubleshooting.
Click "Change Log Detail Level"
Enter the following and click Ok.


Tracing SQL logs into wasconsole 
Follow the above steps and add following 

EJB Tracing 

Promotion Engine Tracing
Go to folder WCTK -> xml -> PromotionEngineConfiguration
Open WCSPromotionEngineConfig.xml 

Set <Debug>true</Debug>

Enabling CMC ( open laszlo logs ) 
Right-click LOBTools and click Properties. Select OpenLaszlo Settings.
Click Enable the debug console check box. Click Apply.

Important SQLs

Reset WCS admin password 
update userreg set logonpassword = '74434f61354f51593862415655304d5268424e54723865685653356151374a2b353163506c4261363730633d202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020'
where logonid='wcsadmin';
update userreg set salt = 'hsdbacehyoyn' where logonid='wcsadmin';
update userreg set status = 1 where logonid='wcsadmin';
 update userreg set passwordexpired = 0 where logonid='wcsadmin'; commit;

Roles of user
select u.logonid,,org.orgentityname from mbrrole mbr, userreg u,orgentity org,role r where mbr.member_id=u.users_id and org.orgentity_id=mbr.orgentity_id
and mbr.role_id=r.role_id
and u.logonid ='wcsadmin';
Last created promotions 
select * from PX_PROMOTION where rownum <5 order by PX_PROMOTION_ID desc;

Active promotions
select * from PX_PROMOTION where status = 1;

Start Dev Environment
startWCToolkit.bat in [Toolkit Folder]\bin 

IBM WCS tips file
[Toolkit Folder]\hintsandtips.html

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