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Spring Security - List of Session Classes and Interfaces


ChangeSessionIdAuthenticationStrategy Class web.authentication.session Detail
CompositeSessionAuthenticationStrategy Class web.authentication.session Detail
ConcurrentSessionControlAuthenticationStrategy Class web.authentication.session Detail
ConcurrentSessionFilter Class web.session Detail
HttpSessionCreatedEvent Class web.session Detail
HttpSessionCsrfTokenRepository Class web.csrf Detail
HttpSessionDestroyedEvent Class web.session Detail
HttpSessionEventPublisher Class web.session Detail
HttpSessionRequestCache Class web.savedrequest Detail
HttpSessionSecurityContextRepository Class web.context Detail
InvalidSessionAccessDeniedHandler Class web.session Detail
InvalidSessionStrategy Interface web.session Detail
NullAuthenticatedSessionStrategy Class web.authentication.session Detail
RegisterSessionAuthenticationStrategy Class web.authentication.session Detail
SessionAuthenticationException Class web.authentication.session Detail
SessionCreationEvent Class core.session Detail
SessionCreationPolicy Enum config.http Detail
SessionDestroyedEvent Class core.session Detail
SessionFixationProtectionEvent Class web.authentication.session Detail
SessionFixationProtectionStrategy Class web.authentication.session Detail
SessionInformation Class core.session Detail
SessionManagementConfigurer Class config.annotation.web.configurers Detail
SessionManagementFilter Class web.session Detail
SessionRegistry Interface core.session Detail
SessionRegistryImpl Class core.session Detail
SimpleRedirectInvalidSessionStrategy Class web.session Detail

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