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Maven - Resolve Maven Dependencies issue while upgrading dependencies versions

Step 1 - Upgrade the required dependency , perform build and check build errors

Step 2.1 - If the error is of missing transitive dependency ( which is rare and means that the previous version has a dependency which is missing in the later version ), I would look for the dependency in google and hence will include it as direct dependency in Pom file.

Step 2.2. If the error is for Duplicate dependencies , and the choice is between transitive and direct dependency, I usually remove the direct dependency.

Step 2.3 - If the error is for Duplicate dependencies , and both are transitive dependencies. I first make a choice ( usually later version ) and then ignore the previous version dependency.

Step 2.4 - If the error is for Duplicate dependencies , and there are more than 2 duplicates, I usually ignore it by specifying within maven-enforcer-plugin config.

Step 3 - Perform a Clean Build.

Step 4 - Check Maven Dependency Tree to make sure that Duplicates have been removed or dependency is there in case of missing dependency.

Step 5 - Perform tests and make sure that there are no runtime problems.

Step 6 - If there are runtime problems ( which very likely occurs if you have different version dependencies , very likely by doing 2.4 , you will have to remove step 2.4 and alternately perform 2.2 or 2.3 )

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