Java - Web Service - Errors during Service Call - IWAB0135E SRVE0017W WSWS1002E WSWS3277E

IWAB0135E An unexpected error has occurred.
unexpected message

This most likely occurs when one try to connect to a web service over HTTPS. The certificate that web service is sending to you can not be validated by the trusted certificates in your WAS Trust Store. Either Change the url to http or to get the certificate and upload.

IWAB0135E An unexpected error has occurred.
Not Found


Check the end point url. If thats correct , Check the servlet mapping within web.xml and see if there are any errors or warnings showing up. 

0000008d WebContainer  E   SRVE0017W: A WebGroup/Virtual Host to handle has not been defined

Check virtual host config within admin console. Specify ports explicitly if required. If the error still doesn't resolve. Check the deployment descriptor (web.xml ) for errors or warnings.


WSWS1002E: Error processing Web services deployment descriptor for module:

Add the required jar files in the Web service project, j2ee module dependencies, web libraries section and also load all the referenced project here. Also remove the entries from java build path so that the RSA will not complain about the duplicate class entries. Check your class path entries in the admin console-->troubleshooting --> classloaderviewer and search whether all ther referenced projects and the jar files are available.

WSWS3277E: Error: Could not resolve to an operation.

Check the url. If that's correct trying hitting service through some other client to see if the issue is with client or the service.

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