Java Eclipse - Build Path Errors

Generic Error

Java Build Path Errors.

Specific Errors

  • Project is missing the required library
  • The resource is not in the build path of the
  • Can't find class file for
  • The project cannot be built until build path errors are resolved


source, jar or project has not been included in the build path.


First see if the problematic file is part of Java Source or Jar file or another project. 

If it's part of JavaSource within same project, make sure that this has been included within Java Build Path.

Right Click Project -> Properties -> Click Source Tab

Make sure that your source folder is listed within "Source folders in build path". If not add it using Add folder button.

If problematic file is part of some jar - upon reaching here , click the libraries tab and make sure that the jar file is listed within "Jars and class folders on the build path". Moreover please check the .classpath file to see if the jar has been included properly.

If the problematic file is in another project , go to project tab and make sure that the project is listed within "Required projects on the build path".