Reality of easy online work - form filling , clicks , email sending , data entry , 5 minutes daily.

Accept it or not but 99% of easy jobs (data entry , clicks , form filling) on internet are scams. They never pay anything and will keep delaying your paychecks as long as they can and the day they are exposed , they float a new business with a new name to fool public again.

How do they do it ?

Primarily , They get traffic to their sites by posting links on the message boards , classifieds , and even on genuine online work sites with messages like (Earn 10,000 $ in a month , Be a millionaire like us , Join us to make real money ). The more lucrative offer , better are the chances of you being duped. They also promise referral benefits to members and hence use them as agents to get you to their sites.

How do they make money ?

There are many types of such frauds on internet.

There is one section who will ask you for paying money by means of registration fees , delivery fees ( for delivery studying material first ) , or fees for first training you for the job.   

There is another that makes money by display of ads. They keep the ads such that you wont be able to distinguish between the ad text and their content and you will end up clicking their ads and hence making money for them. 5 mins jobs daily , clicking links , sending emails , these kind of works fall into this category.

and even you may fell in trap of some hackers while finding such job who makes money by stealing information from your computer.

Why do people fell in such traps ?

Greed. They offer very easy jobs with promise to pay huge money. They associate a very realistic looking story with it to convince you the reason for such payouts. Greed of an easy work life and more money drags people to their trap.  

How to identify if the job offering is real or fraud ?

Beware of businesses offering unrealistic payouts.

Check their sites. Usually they have poor quality sites with so much euphoria about their payouts , business glorification and messages of the people who made tons of money. 

Check their review on internet and experience of people who have already worked with them. Take care while reading the comments as there could be few comments from them glorifying their business and even their paychecks posted.  

If the business promise to pay in case of a referral join and any sort of registration money is involved , refrain from doing it as they will pay you from the money received from your friend. This kind of business is like "Get me money from your friend , some is yours and rest is mine".

and above all. How to convince yourself that its a fraud ?

Nothing is cheap in this world. If making money 10,000$ a month was so easy , whole world would have been on internet and all real business would have been closed :)

Stay alert and stay protected.