Facebook Pages - Know posts disliked / Reported Spams by Fans

The purpose of posting on pages is to get maximum likes and shares and to spread the message as far as possible but sometime the post might be found offensive by some of the fans.

If the threshold level is reached , your post is at risk of being pulling down or your page getting banned.

You can check periodically the posts that are being disliked by fans so that you can yourself pull them down before it catches the eye of Facebook admins.

Steps to know the posts and their dislike count -

Step 1 - Go to your Page -> Insights and Click "See All".

Step 2 - Click "Export Data" on the Insight Page. 

Step 3 - Select "Post Level Data" radio button and click download.

Step 4 - Once the excel file is downloaded , open it. Click top left corner to select all data.

Step 5 - Go to Insert tab -> Click Pivot table -> Select Pivot table

Step 6 - Press Ok.

Step 7 - Drag "Post Message" from "Choose fields to add to report" to "Row Labels" and "Lifetime Negative feedback from users" to "Report filter".

Step 8 - Click "Lifetime Negative feedback from users" within report filter and select field settings.

Step 9 - select custom and sum.

Step 10 - Click the dropdown in front of "Lifetime negative feedback" filter and uncheck 0, blank or any other garbage value. Just keep numerals above 0 checked. Press Ok.

Now you will see a list of posts which have been marked as spams or disliked by the fans. If you want to know the count of dislikes, add the field "Lifetime Negatives feedback from users" in the values section within pivot table and hence it will give count of dislikes against each post. If you want to know the exact url which has been disliked select "Permalink" instead of "Post Message" as Row Label within Pivot table.