The only way to beat casino in Vegas

Vegas , The name brings with it memories of Lavish lifestyle and Enormous fun. Trust me Its a Heaven in Dessert and the core of this heaven lies in ultra lavish hotels. Rooms in thousands , shops in hundreds , bars in tens and one huge, glittering Casino. 

Each hotels gives its Casino the best possible location i.e the first access to the hotel. Why so much importance to Casino ?  Well that's a marketing strategy just like the big stores of your town. The first eye of your customers on the products with maximum margin. Yes Casino is that product. Hotels gives subsidized rooms , free drinks and many other lucrative offers just to make you sit on their hot seats. 

I say them hot seats because you will feel the heat if you will keep sitting there for long. Either they will beat you by probability or Program ( probability games on tables and program on slots ). 

I played big wheel and roulette , lost 40 bucks and realized that i can't sustain those chairs for more than 15 mins. Free drinks while you play may calm you down for a while but then a bigger stress is sure to come the very next morning.

After loosing 40 bucks i realized that i can't beat casino in probability games as more i play , lesser will be my probability to earn out of casino. So i tried my hands on slots. First with dollar , then with quarters and finally with cents. 

I enjoyed my play while talking to people next to me and yes , Free Drinks. I realized that even though i am not able to break the game program, i am having good time by shelving those cents and i am making Casino pay for my drink and entertainment.

Last day I found a penny slot which used to give frequent wins rather than big wins and trust me i spend my whole night with just 10 $ , drank 10 drinks and had good time watching girls around. 

With 3 days of casino play , I realized that i can only beat casino by delaying my losses and let casino pay for my drinks and entertainment. 

The following tips are for people who go to casino just for entertainment and not with the dream to make a fortune. This is also for people who don't feel shy betting on pennies and for those who dont mind getting drinks for tips.

1. Never play table games , more you play them , lower is your probability of even taking your own stakes back.

Slots are programs and these are designed such that you should loose money but in a way that excites you the most. So try to beat them with following rules.

2. Don't play higher stakes on slots. Better play multiple lines in between instead of higher stake on single line.

3. Once you win any slot game, never increase the stake in excitement.

4. If you have won good and really want to increase stake immediately , better switch the slot.

So next time you are on hot seat , control your butt heat with the above tips and yes , Free Drinks.