And all of sudden Mayawati is looking like a Goddess

Till a few months back , Many of us believed that Elephant was too heavy for UP as it started eating up a lot; leaving very little for UPites. We started feeling bad while watching those statues, as the elephant statue population surpassed the real elephant population in the state. Few insisted for their removal and few even tried to break them. We started hating the Elephant as it was extravagant and adamant.

But who knew that even though the Elephant was fat and extravagant, but still, it was a herbivore. With a very short memory and vision, UPites in haze removed the elephant and paved the way for Sharks.

Cycle is deceptive , Shark is real; and Raja Bhaiya proved it again. 

The case of DSP murder is in limelight as the victim was higher rank official and it happened in sequence to 2 other murders. If it wouldn't have been the case , even this one would have gone unnoticed. With such hue and cry , the case may reach CBI and then CBI will keep on churning it till it goes out of everyone's mind.

With such incidents taking place almost everyday, Elephant has started looking like an innocent rabbit and Behenji is looking like a Goddess.