Modi Vs Kejriwal - Its Development vs Clean Politics

UPA Govt is having tough time and as soon as their supremos think that this was worst , an even worse comes their way. Though nothing can be said for sure in Politics , but it could be true that Congress may face the heat in next elections. Sooner the elections, more could be the heat intensity.

Watching the current scenario and news, There are two people who are expected to be benefited the most. Yes its not hard to guess - Narendra Modi and Arvind Kejriwal.

Scams , Problem with allies, Issue with foreign diplomats has put the image of Govt at its very low and thereby giving chance to opposition to rethink their prospects of winning in next elections. Even opposition didn't skipped the chance by almost projecting NaMo , a new word in political dictionary as their leader.

While NaMo is at the center stage, There is another person who has made a strong entry in Politics and could turn the tables at the assembly level. There are people who think that Kejriwal has the potential to be a strong politicians whereas few just think that he is just wasting time and will just eat away some votes. With the growing power of Media and so many exposures by this daring man, his entry to Delhi power politics can't be denied.

Though both politicians could be the flavors of coming elections , but they both have diverse goods to offer to the country. While NaMo could change the Country's financials and economics, Kejriwal is expected to give a corruption free and clean politics.