Why is IE ( Internet Explorer ) such a dumb browser ?

Its been the history of IE - Dumbness and stupidity. It Could be because it comes handy with Windows , so it takes its users for granted. 

I worked with version 5.0 and above and trust me , they had no match in terms of stupidity and dumbness when compared to the likes of firefox and chrome. Tested so many web apps and everytime, it was IE which had problems whereas all other browsers were cheerful as ever.

Why IE has been so unfriendly with HTML , Javascript and CSS ? Why it is always late in implementing support for newer technologies ? Why its a laggard in terms of performance ? Why is it so lazy in terms of releasing new versions ?

The strange thing is that users don't even prefer to use IE for using facebook which in itself a microsoft application.

The biggest problem with IE is that it comes inbuilt with windows and hence most of web apps needs to provide support for it and hence someway it still enjoying some life. The below chart clearly shows that it lags way below firefox and chrome now and its market share is decreasing every month. 

Its just a lame browser that comes built with windows so that people can easily download firefox and chrome and use them.  Its just living its last leg of life if it doesn't learn from firefox and chrome.