Java - Data Types - Interview Questions and Answers on Boolean / boolean

Q1.  Variable of the boolean type is automatically initialized as?

Ans. The default value of the boolean type is false.

Q2. What is the difference between boolean and Boolean ?

Ans. boolean is a promitive type whereas Boolean is a wrapper class.

Q3.  What are the Wrapper classes available for primitive types ?

Ans. boolean  - java.lang.Boolean
byte - java.lang.Byte
char - java.lang.Character
double - java.lang.Double
float - java.lang.Float
int - java.lang.Integer
long - java.lang.Long
short - java.lang.Short
void - java.lang.Void

Q4.  Which data types are supported by JSON ?

Ans. Number

Q5.  What are the default or implicitly assigned values for data types in java ?

Ans. boolean ---> false
byte ----> 0
short ----> 0
int -----> 0
long ------> 0l
char -----> /u0000
float ------> 0.0f
double ----> 0.0d
any object reference ----> null

Q6. What is the use of Boolean method valueOf(String s) ?

Ans. This method returns the boolean value for the specified string. The returned value represents a true value if the string argument is not Null and is equal, ignoring case, to the string "true".