Eclipse - Interview Questions and Answers

Q1.  What is IDE ? List few Java IDE ?

Ans. IDE stands of Integrated Development Environment. Few Java IDE's are WSAD ( Websphhere Application Developer ) , RAD ( Rational Application Developer ) , Eclipse and Netbeans.

Q2.  Have you ever had problem getting your projects in eclipse refreshed after you made changes in the Pom files ?

Ans. Yes, It happens many times  but I would usually perform mvn eclipse:eclipse and this would resolve the project refresh problems.

Q3.  How can we change the JDK compliance level ?

Ans. Windows -> Preferences -> Java - Compiler -> Java Compliance Level

Q4.  Can I use different Java versions for building different Eclipse projects ?

Ans. Yes. We can assign different JRE System libraries by going to 

Java Build Path -> Libraries

Q5.  How to generate getters and setters automatically in eclipse ?

Ans. Right Click -> Source -> Generate Getters and Setters.

and it will open up a dialog wherein we can select the fields to generate Getters and Setters.