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Q1. What is the package name for FileNotFoundException class?

Q2. Name few classes of package


[ SecureDirectoryStream<T>,  ImageOutputStream,  AsynchronousChannel,  StringBufferInputStream,  ScatteringByteChannel, FileNotFoundException,  JavaFileManager,  InputStream,  ImageInputStream,  PipedInputStream,  StandardJavaFileManager,  SequenceInputStream, NetworkChannel,  MulticastChannel,  WritableByteChannel,  JMXConnector,  InterruptibleChannel,  ObjectInputStream,  SeekableByteChannel,  FilterInputStream,  DirectoryStream<T>,  RMIConnection,  GatheringByteChannel, AsynchronousByteChannel,  ByteChannel, InputStream,  Channel, IOException, FileInputStream,  ReadableByteChannel, AudioInputStream,  ByteArrayInputStream,  FileInputStream,  WatchService, File]

Q3. What is the package name for FileInputStream class?

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