Java - Collections - Classes that implement Collection Interface

AbstractCollection Class java.lang.Object 1.2 Link
AbstractList Class java.util.AbstractCollection 1.2 Link
AbstractQueue Class java.util.AbstractCollection 1.5 Link
AbstractSequentialList Class java.util.AbstractList 1.2 Link
AbstractSet Class java.util.AbstractCollection 1.2 Link
ArrayBlockingQueue Class java.util.AbstractQueue 1.5 Link
ArrayDeque Class java.util.AbstractCollection 1.6 Link
ArrayList Class java.util.AbstractList 1.2 Link
ConcurrentHashMap.KeySetView Class ConcurrentHashMap.KeySetView1.8 Link
ConcurrentLinkedDeque Class java.util.AbstractCollection 1.7 Link
ConcurrentLinkedQueue Class java.util.AbstractQueue 1.5 Link
ConcurrentSkipListSet Class java.util.AbstractSet 1.6 Link
CopyOnWriteArrayList Class java.lang.Object 1.5 Link
CopyOnWriteArraySet Class java.util.AbstractSet 1.5 Link
DelayQueue Class java.util.AbstractQueue 1.5 Link
EnumSet Class java.util.AbstractSet 1.5 Link
HashSet Class java.util.AbstractSet 1.2 Link
LinkedBlockingDeque Class java.util.AbstractQueue 1.6 Link
LinkedBlockingQueue Class java.util.AbstractQueue 1.5 Link
LinkedHashSet Class java.util.HashSet 1.4 Link
LinkedList Class java.util.AbstractSequentialList 1.2 Link
LinkedTransferQueue Class java.util.AbstractQueue 1.7 Link
PriorityBlockingQueue Class java.util.AbstractQueue 1.5 Link
PriorityQueue Class java.util.AbstractQueue 1.5 Link
Stack Class java.util.Vector 1.0 Link
SynchronousQueue Class java.util.AbstractQueue 1.5 Link
TreeSet Class java.util.AbstractSet 1.2 Link
Vector Class java.util.AbstractList 1.0 Link

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