Jenkins - Interview Questions and Answers on Jenkins Integration Tool

Q1.  What is Jenkins ?

Ans. It is a continuous integration tool written in Java.

Q2.  What is the difference between Maven, Ant and Jenkins ?

Ans. Maven and Ant are Build Technologies whereas Jenkins is a continuous integration tool.

Q3.  Which SCM tools Jenkins supports ?

Ans.  AccuRev, CVS, Subversion, Git, Mercurial, Perforce, Clearcase and RTC

Q4.  What are the various ways in which build can be scheduled in Jenkins ?

Ans. Builds can be triggered by source code management  commits.
Can be triggered after completion of other builds.
Can be scheduled to run at specified time ( crons )
Manual Build Requests

Q5.  What is the relation between hudson and Jenkins ?

Ans. Hudson was the earlier name and version of current Jenkins. After some issue , the project name was changed from Hudson to Jenkins.

Q6.  What you do to make sure that your project build doesn't break in Jenkins ?

Ans. I make sure that I perform successful clean install on my local machine with all unit tests.
Then I make sure that I check in all code changes.
Then I do a Synchronize with repository to make sure that all required config and POM changes and any difference is checked into the repository. 

Q7.  What you do when you see a broken build for your project in Jenkins ?

Ans. I will open the console output for the build and will try to see if any file changes were missed.
If not able to find the issue that way, Will clean and update my local workspace to replicate the problem on my local and will try to solve it.