BigData Frameworks - List of Queue Classes and Interfaces

AbstractNodeQueue Class Akka Detail
BoundedBlockingQueue Class Akka Detail
BoundedDequeBasedMessageQueue Interface Akka Detail
BoundedDequeBasedMessageQueueSemantics Interface Akka Detail
BoundedMessageQueueSemantics Interface Akka Detail
BoundedQueueBasedMessageQueue Interface Akka Detail
CallingThreadDispatcherQueues Class Akka Detail
CallingThreadDispatcherQueues$ Class Akka Detail
DefaultSystemMessageQueue Interface Akka Detail
DequeBasedMessageQueue Interface Akka Detail
DequeBasedMessageQueueSemantics Interface Akka Detail
DurableMessageQueue Class Akka Detail
DurableMessageQueueWithSerialization Class Akka Detail
FileBasedMessageQueue Class Akka Detail
InaccessibleQueuePath Class Akka Detail
MessageQueue Interface Akka Detail
NodeMessageQueue Class Akka Detail
PersistentQueue Class Akka Detail
PersistentQueue$ Class Akka Detail
ProducesMessageQueue Interface Akka Detail
QueueBasedMessageQueue Interface Akka Detail
QueueCollection Class Akka Detail
QueueDumper Class Akka Detail
RequiresMessageQueue Interface Akka Detail
SystemMessageQueue Interface Akka Detail
UnboundedDequeBasedMessageQueue Interface Akka Detail
UnboundedDequeBasedMessageQueueSemantics Interface Akka Detail
UnboundedMessageQueueSemantics Interface Akka Detail
UnboundedQueueBasedMessageQueue Interface Akka Detail
CachedBlockQueue Class Apache Accumlo Detail
CompactionQueue Class Apache Accumlo Detail
DistributedWorkQueue Class Apache Accumlo Detail
SelectiveQueueing Class Apache Accumlo Detail
ZooQueueLock Class Apache Accumlo Detail
ZooQueueLock Class Apache Accumlo Detail
GetQueueInfoRequest Class Apache Hadoop Detail
GetQueueInfoResponse Class Apache Hadoop Detail
GetQueueUserAclsInfoRequest Class Apache Hadoop Detail
GetQueueUserAclsInfoResponse Class Apache Hadoop Detail
JobQueueInfo Class Apache Hadoop Detail
MoveApplicationAcrossQueuesRequest Class Apache Hadoop Detail
MoveApplicationAcrossQueuesResponse Class Apache Hadoop Detail
QueueACL Enum Apache Hadoop Detail
QueueAclsInfo Class Apache Hadoop Detail
QueueInfo Class Apache Hadoop Detail
QueueInfo Class Apache Hadoop Detail
QueueState Enum Apache Hadoop Detail
QueueState Enum Apache Hadoop Detail
QueueUserACLInfo Class Apache Hadoop Detail
QueueException Class Apache Hive Detail
QueueStatusBean Class Apache Hive Detail
CallableQueueService Class Apache Oozie Detail
EventQueue Interface Apache Oozie Detail
MemoryEventQueue Class Apache Oozie Detail
PollablePriorityDelayQueue Class Apache Oozie Detail
PriorityDelayQueue Class Apache Oozie Detail
BoundedPriorityQueue Class Apache Spark Detail
QueueInputDStream Class Apache Spark Detail
DisruptorQueue Class Apache Storm Detail
KeyedRoundRobinQueue Class Apache Storm Detail
AbstractQueue Class Java SE Detail
ArrayBlockingQueue Class Java SE Detail
ConcurrentLinkedQueue Class Java SE Detail
DelayQueue Class Java SE Detail
LayoutQueue Class Java SE Detail
LinkedBlockingQueue Class Java SE Detail
LinkedTransferQueue Class Java SE Detail
PriorityBlockingQueue Class Java SE Detail
PriorityQueue Class Java SE Detail
QueuedJobCount Class Java SE Detail
ReferenceQueue Class Java SE Detail
SynchronousQueue Class Java SE Detail

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