Java Frameworks - List of Serialization Classes and Interfaces


SerializationError Class Apache Hive Detail
DeserializationStream Class Apache Spark Detail
JavaDeserializationStream Class Apache Spark Detail
JavaSerializationStream Class Apache Spark Detail
KryoDeserializationStream Class Apache Spark Detail
KryoSerializationStream Class Apache Spark Detail
SerializationStream Class Apache Spark Detail
SerializationException Class GWT Detail
SerializationPolicy Class GWT Detail
SerializationPolicyClient Class GWT Detail
SerializationPolicyLoader Class GWT Detail
SerializationPolicyProvider Interface GWT Detail
SerializationStreamFactory Interface GWT Detail
AvroReflectSerialization Class Hadoop Detail
AvroSerialization Class Hadoop Detail
AvroSpecificSerialization Class Hadoop Detail
JavaSerialization Class Hadoop Detail
JavaSerializationComparator Class Hadoop Detail
WritableSerialization Class Hadoop Detail
SerializationException Class Hibernate Detail
SerializationHelper Class Hibernate Detail
SerializationFailedException Class Spring Detail
SerializationUtils Class Spring Detail
DeserializationException Class Weblogic Detail
SerializationException Class Weblogic Detail

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