Interview Questions and Answers on Servers

Q1.  Is tomcat an application or Web server ?

Ans. Application server.

Q2.  Is Apache an application or Web server ?

Ans. Web server.

Q3.  What are LDAP servers used for ?

Ans. LDAP servers are typically used in J2EE applications to authenticate and authorise users. LDAP servers are hierarchical and are optimized for read access, so likely to be faster than database in providing read access.

Q4.  What kind of software architecture your organization follow ?

Ans. We have multi tier architecture with multiple layers , We have series of web servers and applications in application tier, infrastructure libraries at middle tier and Database servers at the lower tier. We are using Oracle as Database, ESB ( Enterprise service Bus ) for asynchronous communication and Rest Web Services.

Q5.  What is used to segregate load between multiple servers ?

 a. Load Server
 b. Load Manager
 c. Load Traversal
 d. Load Balancer

Ans. Load Balancer

Q6.  Which of the following is usually not part of EAR file ?

 a. Server Configuration files
 b. HTML and Media Files
 c. Application Configuration files
 d. Class files

Ans. Server Configuration files