Java Frameworks - List of Auth ( Authentication / Authorization ) Classes and Interfaces


AbstractOFBizAuthenticationHandler Class Apache OfBiz Detail
AddAuthsCommand Class Apache Accumlo Detail
AnonymousAuthenticationProviderImpl Class Apache Hive Detail
AuthFilter Class Apache Oozie Detail
AuthHelper Class Apache OfBiz Detail
AuthPermission Class Java SE Detail
AuthProvider Class Java SE Detail
AuthUtils Class Apache Storm Detail
Authenticate Class Apache Accumlo Detail
AuthenticateCommand Class Apache Accumlo Detail
AuthenticationComparator Class Apache OfBiz Detail
AuthenticationException Class Java SE Detail
AuthenticationException Class Java SE Detail
AuthenticationNotSupportedException Class Java SE Detail
AuthenticationProviderFactory Class Apache Hive Detail
AuthenticationToken Interface Apache Accumlo Detail
Authenticator Class Java SE Detail
AuthenticatorException Class Apache OfBiz Detail
Authorization Class Apache OfBiz Detail
AuthorizationContainer Interface Apache Accumlo Detail
AuthorizationException Class Apache Hadoop Detail
AuthorizationException Class Apache Storm Detail
AuthorizationException Class Apache Oozie Detail
AuthorizationFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
AuthorizationParseUtils Class Apache Hadoop Detail
AuthorizationPreEventListener Class Apache Hadoop Detail
AuthorizationService Class Apache Oozie Detail
AuthorizationUtils Class Apache Hadoop Detail
Authorizations Class Apache Accumlo Detail
AuthorizeCallback Class Java SE Detail
AuthorizeResponse Class Apache OfBiz Detail
BitSetCheckedAuthorizationProvider Class Apache Hadoop Detail
ChangeAuthorizations Class Apache Accumlo Detail
CustomAuthenticationProviderImpl Class Apache Hive Detail
DRPCAuthorizerBase Class Apache Storm Detail
DRPCSimpleACLAuthorizer Class Apache Storm Detail
DefaultHiveAuthorizationProvider Class Apache Hadoop Detail
DefaultHiveMetastoreAuthorizationProvider Class Apache Hadoop Detail
DelegationTokenAuthenticatedURL Class Apache Hadoop Detail
DelegationTokenAuthenticator Class Apache Hadoop Detail
DenyAuthorizer Class Apache Storm Detail
DummyHiveAuthorizationValidator Class Apache Hadoop Detail
GetAuthsCommand Class Apache Accumlo Detail
GrantPrivAuthUtils Class Apache Hadoop Detail
HWIAuth Class Apache Hadoop Detail
HadoopDefaultAuthenticator Class Apache Hadoop Detail
HadoopDefaultMetastoreAuthenticator Class Apache Hadoop Detail
HiveAuthFactory Class Apache Hive Detail
HiveAuthenticationProvider Interface Apache Hadoop Detail
HiveAuthorizationProvider Interface Apache Hadoop Detail
HiveAuthorizationProviderBase Class Apache Hadoop Detail
HiveAuthorizationTaskFactory Interface Apache Hadoop Detail
HiveAuthorizationTaskFactoryImpl Class Apache Hadoop Detail
HiveAuthorizationValidator Interface Apache Hadoop Detail
HiveAuthorizer Interface Apache Hadoop Detail
HiveAuthorizerFactory Interface Apache Hadoop Detail
HiveAuthorizerImpl Class Apache Hadoop Detail
HiveAuthzContext Class Apache Hadoop Detail
HiveAuthzPluginException Class Apache Hadoop Detail
HiveAuthzSessionContext Class Apache Hadoop Detail
HiveMetastoreAuthenticationProvider Interface Apache Hadoop Detail
HiveMetastoreAuthorizationProvider Interface Apache Hadoop Detail
HiveV1Authorizer Class Apache Hadoop Detail
HttpAuthUtils Class Apache Hive Detail
HttpAuthenticationException Class Apache Hive Detail
HttpBasicAuthInterceptor Class Apache Hive Detail
IAuthorizer Interface Apache Storm Detail
InsecureAuthenticator Class Apache Accumlo Detail
JMXAuthenticator Interface Java SE Detail
KerberosDelegationTokenAuthenticator Class Apache Hadoop Detail
LdapAuthenticationProviderImpl Class Apache Hive Detail
LdapAuthenticationServices Class Apache OfBiz Detail
MetaStoreAuthzAPIAuthorizerEmbedOnly Class Apache Hadoop Detail
NoopAuthorizer Class Apache Storm Detail
NotAuthorizedException Class Apache Hive Detail
OFBizActiveDirectoryAuthenticationHandler Class Apache OfBiz Detail
OFBizCasAuthenticationHandler Class Apache OfBiz Detail
OFBizLdapAuthenticationHandler Class Apache OfBiz Detail
PamAuthenticationProviderImpl Class Apache Hive Detail
PasswdAuthenticationProvider Interface Apache Hive Detail
PasswordAuthentication Class Java SE Detail
ProxyUserAuthenticator Class Apache Hadoop Detail
PseudoDelegationTokenAuthenticator Class Apache Hadoop Detail
RevokePrivAuthUtils Class Apache Hadoop Detail
SQLAuthorizationUtils Class Apache Hadoop Detail
SQLInvalidAuthorizationSpecException Class Java SE Detail
SQLStdConfOnlyAuthorizerFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
SQLStdHiveAuthorizationValidator Class Apache Hadoop Detail
SQLStdHiveAuthorizerFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
SaslStormServerAuthorizeHandler Class Apache Storm Detail
ServiceAuthException Class Apache OfBiz Detail
SessionStateConfigUserAuthenticator Class Apache Hadoop Detail
SessionStateUserAuthenticator Class Apache Hadoop Detail
SetAuths Class Apache Accumlo Detail
SetAuthsCommand Class Apache Accumlo Detail
SimpleACLAuthorizer Class Apache Storm Detail
SimpleWhitelistAuthorizer Class Apache Storm Detail
StorageBasedAuthorizationProvider Class Apache Hadoop Detail
TaxAuthorityServices Class Apache OfBiz Detail
TestFailAuthenticator Class Apache OfBiz Detail
TestPassAuthenticator Class Apache OfBiz Detail
ZKAuthenticator Class Apache Accumlo Detail
ZKAuthorizor Class Apache Accumlo Detail
ZookeeperAuthInfo Class Apache Storm Detail

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