Java Frameworks - List of Http Classes and Interfaces


DefaultHttpCredentialsPlugin Class Apache Storm Detail
HttpAuthUtils Class Apache Hive Detail
HttpAuthenticationException Class Apache Hive Detail
HttpBasicAuthInterceptor Class Apache Hive Detail
HttpBroadcast Class Apache Spark Detail
HttpBroadcastFactory Class Apache Spark Detail
HttpClient Class Apache OfBiz Detail
HttpClientException Class Apache OfBiz Detail
HttpContext Class Java SE Detail
HttpCookie Class Java SE Detail
HttpEngine Class Apache OfBiz Detail
HttpExchange Class Java SE Detail
HttpFileServer Class Apache Spark Detail
HttpFileSystem Class Apache Hadoop Detail
HttpFileSystem Class Apache Hadoop Detail
HttpHandler Class Java SE Detail
HttpKerberosRequestInterceptor Class Apache Hive Detail
HttpRequestFileUpload Class Apache OfBiz Detail
HttpRetryException Class Java SE Detail
HttpServer Class Apache Spark Detail
HttpThrowableReporter Class GWT Detail
HttpURLConnection Class Java SE Detail
HttpViewHandler Class Apache OfBiz Detail
HttpsURLConnection Class Java SE Detail
IHttpCredentialsPlugin Interface Apache Storm Detail
SubmitHttpXCommand Class Apache Oozie Detail
ThriftHttpCLIService Class Apache Hive Detail
ThriftHttpServlet Class Apache Hive Detail
UtilHttp Class Apache OfBiz Detail
XMLHttpRequest Class GWT Detail

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