Java Frameworks - List of Provider Classes and Interfaces


AbstractDataProvider Class GWT Detail
ActorRefProvider Interface Akka Detail
AkkaProvider Class Akka Detail
AsyncDataProvider Class GWT Detail
AsyncProvider Interface GWT Detail
AsynchronousChannelProvider Class Java SE Detail
AuthProvider Class Java SE Detail
BeanContextServiceProvider Interface Java SE Detail
BitSetCheckedAuthorizationProvider Class Apache Hadoop Detail
BreakIteratorProvider Class Java SE Detail
CalendarDataProvider Class Java SE Detail
CalendarNameProvider Class Java SE Detail
CharsetProvider Class Java SE Detail
ClusterActorRefProvider Class Akka Detail
CollatorProvider Class Java SE Detail
ContextProvider Interface Akka Detail
CredentialProvider Class Apache Hadoop Detail
CredentialsProvider Class Apache Hadoop Detail
CurrencyNameProvider Class Java SE Detail
DateFormatProvider Class Java SE Detail
DateFormatSymbolsProvider Class Java SE Detail
DecimalFormatSymbolsProvider Class Java SE Detail
DefaultContextProvider Class Akka Detail
DefaultHiveAuthorizationProvider Class Apache Hadoop Detail
DefaultHiveMetastoreAuthorizationProvider Class Apache Hadoop Detail
DefaultStateProvider Class Apache Hive Detail
EntityProxyKeyProvider Class GWT Detail
ExecTypeProvider Class Apache Pig Detail
ExecutorServiceFactoryProvider Interface Akka Detail
ExtensionIdProvider Interface Akka Detail
FailureInjectorProvider Class Akka Detail
FileSystemProvider Class Java SE Detail
FormatConversionProvider Class Java SE Detail
GwtGssFunctionMapProvider Class GWT Detail
HasKeyProvider Interface GWT Detail
HdfsFileProvider Class Apache Accumlo Detail
HiveAuthenticationProvider Interface Apache Hadoop Detail
HiveAuthorizationProvider Interface Apache Hadoop Detail
HiveDefaultRelMetadataProvider Class Apache Hadoop Detail
HiveMetastoreAuthenticationProvider Interface Apache Hadoop Detail
HiveMetastoreAuthorizationProvider Interface Apache Hadoop Detail
IGroupMappingServiceProvider Interface Apache Storm Detail
IIOServiceProvider Class Java SE Detail
JMXConnectorProvider Interface Java SE Detail
JMXConnectorServerProvider Interface Java SE Detail
ListDataProvider Class GWT Detail
LocalActorRefProvider Class Akka Detail
LocaleNameProvider Class Java SE Detail
LocaleServiceProvider Class Java SE Detail
MidiDeviceProvider Class Java SE Detail
MixerProvider Class Java SE Detail
NumberFormatProvider Class Java SE Detail
PasswdAuthenticationProvider Interface Apache Hive Detail
Provider Class Java SE Detail
Provider Interface Java SE Detail
RelationProvider Interface Apache Spark Detail
RemoteActorRefProvider Class Akka Detail
ResourceBundleControlProvider Interface Java SE Detail
RowSetProvider Class Java SE Detail
SelectorProvider Class Java SE Detail
SerializationPolicyProvider Interface GWT Detail
SimpleKeyProvider Class GWT Detail
StateProvider Interface Apache Hive Detail
StorageBasedAuthorizationProvider Class Apache Hadoop Detail
SyncProvider Class Java SE Detail
ThrottlerProvider Class Akka Detail
ToolProvider Class Java SE Detail
TransportAdapterProvider Interface Akka Detail
TypeInfoProvider Class Java SE Detail
WebServiceProvider Class Java SE Detail

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