Java Frameworks - List of Proxy Classes and Interfaces


AWTEventListenerProxy Class Java SE Detail
AccumuloProxy Class Apache Accumlo Detail
AsyncWriteProxy Interface Akka Detail
AsyncWriteProxy$ Class Akka Detail
BaseProxy Interface GWT Detail
BeanContextChildComponentProxy Interface Java SE Detail
BeanContextContainerProxy Interface Java SE Detail
BeanContextProxy Interface Java SE Detail
ClientRMProxy Class Apache Hadoop Detail
ClusterSingletonProxy Class Akka Detail
ClusterSingletonProxy$ Class Akka Detail
DefaultProxyStore Class GWT Detail
EntityProxy Interface GWT Detail
EntityProxyChange Class GWT Detail
EntityProxyId Interface GWT Detail
EntityProxyKeyProvider Class GWT Detail
EventListenerProxy Class Java SE Detail
HiveHistoryProxyHandler Class Apache Hadoop Detail
HiveSessionProxy Class Apache Hive Detail
JsonRpcProxy Class GWT Detail
NMProxy Class Apache Hadoop Detail
PropertyChangeListenerProxy Class Java SE Detail
Proxy Class Java SE Detail
Proxy Class Apache Accumlo Detail
ProxyFor Class GWT Detail
ProxyForName Class GWT Detail
ProxyRenderer Class GWT Detail
ProxyScanner Class GWT Detail
ProxySelector Class Java SE Detail
ProxySerializer Interface GWT Detail
ProxyServer Class Apache Accumlo Detail
ProxyStore Interface GWT Detail
ProxyUserAuthenticator Class Apache Hadoop Detail
ProxyUserService Class Apache Oozie Detail
RMProxy Class Apache Hadoop Detail
ReliableProxy Class Akka Detail
ReliableProxy$ Class Akka Detail
ReliableProxyDebugLogging Interface Akka Detail
SecureProxySupport Class Apache Hive Detail
ServerProxy Class Apache Hadoop Detail
TestProxyClient Class Apache Accumlo Detail
TraceProxy Class Apache Accumlo Detail
ValueProxy Interface GWT Detail
VetoableChangeListenerProxy Class Java SE Detail