BigData Framework - List of Client Classes and Interfaces


AHSClient Class Apache Hadoop Detail
AMRMClient Class Apache Hadoop Detail
AMRMClientAsync Class Apache Hadoop Detail
AbstractJmxClient Abstract Class Apache Cassandra Detail
AndroidHttpClient Class EkTorp CouchDb Detail
BaseClientToAMTokenSecretManager Class Apache Hadoop Detail
BlobClient Class Apache Flink Detail
CLIServiceClient Class Apache Hive Detail
CliClient Class Apache Cassandra Detail
Client Class Apache Flink Detail
Client Class Apache Storm Detail
Client Class Akka Detail
Client Class Apache Flink Detail
Client Class Apache Flink Detail
Client Class Apache Hadoop Detail
Client Class Apache Cassandra Detail
Client Class Apache Hadoop Detail
Client$ Class Akka Detail
ClientBackoffPolicy Interface Apache Hadoop Detail
ClientCallbackHandler Class Apache Storm Detail
ClientCallbackHandler Class Apache Storm Detail
ClientConfiguration Class Apache Accumlo Detail
ClientExec Interface Apache Accumlo Detail
ClientExecReturn Interface Apache Accumlo Detail
ClientFSM Class Akka Detail
ClientFSM$ Class Akka Detail
ClientHandler Class Akka Detail
ClientMasterControl Class Apache Flink Detail
ClientMetrics Class Apache Cassandra Detail
ClientOnDefaultTable Class Apache Accumlo Detail
ClientOnDefaultTable Class Apache Accumlo Detail
ClientOnRequiredTable Class Apache Accumlo Detail
ClientOnRequiredTable Class Apache Accumlo Detail
ClientOp Interface Akka Detail
ClientOpts Class Apache Accumlo Detail
ClientRMProxy Class Apache Hadoop Detail
ClientRMSecurityInfo Class Apache Hadoop Detail
ClientRequestMetrics Class Apache Cassandra Detail
ClientService Class Apache Accumlo Detail
ClientServiceHandler Class Apache Accumlo Detail
ClientSideIteratorScanner Class Apache Accumlo Detail
ClientState Class Apache Cascading Detail
ClientStatsPublisher Interface Apache Hadoop Detail
ClientTimelineSecurityInfo Class Apache Hadoop Detail
ClientToAMTokenIdentifier Class Apache Hadoop Detail
ClientToAMTokenSecretManager Class Apache Hadoop Detail
ClusterClient Class Akka Detail
ClusterClient$ Class Akka Detail
ConfirmedClientOp Interface Akka Detail
DAGClient Class Apache Tez Detail
DRPCClient Class Apache Storm Detail
DRPCInvocationsClient Class Apache Storm Detail
EmbeddedCLIServiceClient Class Apache Hive Detail
ExecutorAllocationClient Interface Apache Spark Detail
ExponentialClientBackoffPolicy Class Apache Hadoop Detail
HBaseClient Class Apache Storm Detail
HCatClient Class Apache Hive Detail
HCatClientHMSImpl Class Apache Hive Detail
HiveBurnInClient Class Apache Hive Detail
HiveMetastoreClientFactory Interface Apache Hadoop Detail
HiveMetastoreClientFactoryImpl Class Apache Hadoop Detail
HiveSparkClient Interface Apache Hadoop Detail
HiveSparkClientFactory Class Apache Hadoop Detail
HttpClient Interface EkTorp CouchDb Detail
HttpClientFactoryBean Class Spring Detail
JdbcClient Class Apache Storm Detail
JobClient Class Apache Flink Detail
JobClient Class Apache Hadoop Detail
LocalHiveSparkClient Class Apache Hadoop Detail
LocalOozieClient Class Apache Oozie Detail
LocalOozieClientCoord Class Apache Oozie Detail
MasterClient Class Apache Accumlo Detail
MasterClientService Class Apache Accumlo Detail
MongoClient Class MongoDb NoSql Detail
MongoClient Interface MongoDb NoSql Detail
MongoClientException Class MongoDb NoSql Detail
MongoClientOptions Class MongoDb NoSql Detail
MongoClientOptionsFactoryBean Class SpringData MongoDb Detail
MongoClientParser Class SpringData MongoDb Detail
MongoClientSettings Class MongoDb NoSql Detail
MongoClientURI Class MongoDb NoSql Detail
MongoClientVersion Class SpringData MongoDb Detail
MongoClients Class MongoDb NoSql Detail
NMClient Class Apache Hadoop Detail
NMClientAsync Class Apache Hadoop Detail
NettyClientHelpers Interface Akka Detail
NimbusClient Class Apache Storm Detail
QFileClient Class Apache Hive Detail
RegistryOperationsClient Class Apache Hadoop Detail
RemoteHiveSparkClient Class Apache Hadoop Detail
RpcClientInvocationHandler Class Apache Accumlo Detail
SaslNettyClient Class Apache Storm Detail
SaslStormClientHandler Class Apache Storm Detail
ServerAdminClient Class Apache ZooKeeper Detail
ServerClient Class Apache Accumlo Detail
SessionHiveMetaStoreClient Class Apache Hadoop Detail
StdHttpClient Class EkTorp CouchDb Detail
StoppedRpcClientException Class Apache Hadoop Detail
StormClientErrorHandler Class Apache Storm Detail
TabletClientService Class Apache Accumlo Detail
TcpClientHandler Class Akka Detail
TestProxyClient Class Apache Accumlo Detail
ThriftCLIServiceClient Class Apache Hive Detail
ThriftClient Class Apache Storm Detail
ThriftClientState Class Apache Cassandra Detail
TimelineClient Class Apache Hadoop Detail
ToClient Class Akka Detail
ToClient$ Class Akka Detail
UdpClientHandler Class Akka Detail
UnconfirmedClientOp Interface Akka Detail
YARNClientMasterProtocol Interface Apache Flink Detail
YarnClient Class Apache Hadoop Detail
YarnClientApplication Class Apache Hadoop Detail
ZooKeeperHiveClientException Class Apache Hive Detail
ZooKeeperHiveClientHelper Class Apache Hive Detail
ZooSpanClient Class Apache Accumlo Detail
ZooTraceClient Class Apache Accumlo Detail

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