NoSql - HyperGraphDb - List of Type Classes and Interfaces


SerializableType Class Object Detail
IntPrimitiveArrayType Class PrimitiveArrayType Detail
LongPrimitiveArrayType Class PrimitiveArrayType Detail
AtomRefType Class Object Detail
ArrayType Class Object Detail
ByteType Class NumericTypeBase Detail
ShortPrimitiveArrayType Class PrimitiveArrayType Detail
EnumType Class HGAtomTypeBase Detail
HGRefCountedType Interface Detail
TimestampType Class DateTypeBase Detail
HGAbstractCompositeType Class HGAbstractType Detail
HGAtomType Interface Detail
StringType Class PrimitiveTypeBase Detail
HGHandleType Class PrimitiveTypeBase Detail
SubsumesType Class Object Detail
TextType Class HGAtomTypeBase Detail
LongType Class NumericTypeBase Detail
BytePrimitiveArrayType Class PrimitiveArrayType Detail
LinkType Class Object Detail
CalendarType Class DateTypeBase Detail
DoubleType Class PrimitiveTypeBase Detail
MapType Class Object Detail
AtomQueueType Class Object Detail
PairType Class HGAtomTypeBase Detail
DoublePrimitiveArrayType Class PrimitiveArrayType Detail
HGRelType Class HGAtomTypeBase Detail
CharPrimitiveArrayType Class PrimitiveArrayType Detail
PrimitiveArrayType Class Object Detail
AtomStackType Class Object Detail
DateType Class DateTypeBase Detail
CharType Class NumericTypeBase Detail
BooleanType Class PrimitiveTypeBase Detail
HGPrimitiveType Interface Detail
RecordType Class Object Detail
CollectionType Class Object Detail
FloatType Class PrimitiveTypeBase Detail
IntType Class NumericTypeBase Detail
FloatPrimitiveArrayType Class PrimitiveArrayType Detail
SlotType Class Object Detail
BooleanPrimitiveArrayType Class PrimitiveArrayType Detail
NullType Class Object Detail
AtomSetType Class Object Detail
HGAbstractType Class Object Detail
PlainLinkType Class Object Detail
HGCompositeType Interface Detail
ShortType Class NumericTypeBase Detail