Spring MVC - Class Diagram - Classes that extend MBeanRegistrationSupport


AnnotationMBeanExporterClassorg.springframework.jmx.export.annotationConvenient subclass of Spring's standard MBeanExporter,activating Java 5 annotation usage for JMX exposure of Spring beans:Detail
ConnectorServerFactoryBeanClassorg.springframework.jmx.supportFactoryBean that creates a JSR-160 JMXConnectorServer,optionally registers it with the MBeanServer and then starts it.Detail
MBeanExporterClassorg.springframework.jmx.exportJMX exporter that allows for exposing any Spring-managed bean to aJMX MBeanServer, without the need to define anyDetail
MBeanRegistrationSupportClassorg.springframework.jmx.supportProvides supporting infrastructure for registering MBeans with anMBeanServer.Detail

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