Spring Projects - List of XML Classes and Interfaces

NameTypeSpring ProjectDetail

AbstractXmlFlowExecutionTests Abstract Class Spring Webflow Detail
AbstractXmlHttpMessageConverter Abstract Class Spring Android Detail
AbstractXmlReader Abstract Class Spring WebService Detail
AbstractXmlTransformer Abstract Class Spring Integration Detail
AggregatedXmlMessageValidationException Class Spring Integration Detail
ClassPathXmlApplicationContext Class Spring MVC Detail
ClassPathXmlApplicationContextFactory Class Spring Batch Detail
ClassPathXmlJobRegistry Class Spring Batch Detail
ClasspathXmlApplicationContextsFactoryBean Class Spring Batch Detail
DefaultXmlPayloadConverter Class Spring Integration Detail
FileSystemXmlApplicationContext Class Spring MVC Detail
GenericGroovyXmlContextLoader Class Spring MVC Detail
GenericGroovyXmlWebContextLoader Class Spring MVC Detail
GenericXmlApplicationContext Class Spring MVC Detail
GenericXmlContextLoader Class Spring MVC Detail
GenericXmlWebContextLoader Class Spring MVC Detail
IntegrationXmlNamespaceHandler Class Spring Integration Detail
InvalidXmlException Class Spring WebService Detail
Jdbc4SqlXmlHandler Class Spring MVC Detail
JsrXmlApplicationContext Class Spring Batch Detail
MappingJackson2XmlHttpMessageConverter Class Spring MVC Detail
MappingJackson2XmlView Class Spring MVC Detail
SaajXmlReader Class Spring WebService Detail
SimpleXmlHttpMessageConverter Class Spring Android Detail
SqlXmlFeatureNotImplementedException Class Spring MVC Detail
SqlXmlValue Interface Spring MVC Detail
WebXmlMappableAttributesRetriever Class Spring Security Detail
XmlAwareFormHttpMessageConverter Class Spring MVC Detail
XmlAwareFormHttpMessageConverter Class Spring Android Detail
XmlBeanDefinitionStoreException Class Spring MVC Detail
XmlBeanFactory Class Spring MVC Detail
XmlBinaryStreamProvider Interface Spring MVC Detail
XmlCharacterStreamProvider Interface Spring MVC Detail
XmlEmbeddedWebApplicationContext Class Spring Boot Detail
XmlException Class Spring WebService Detail
XmlExpectationsHelper Class Spring MVC Detail
XmlFlowModelBuilder Class Spring Webflow Detail
XmlMappingException Class Spring MVC Detail
XmlOptionsFactoryBean Class Spring MVC Detail
XmlPayloadConverter Interface Spring Integration Detail
XmlPayloadValidatingFilterParser Class Spring Integration Detail
XmlReaderContext Class Spring MVC Detail
XmlResultProvider Interface Spring MVC Detail
XmlRootElementEndpointMapping Class Spring WebService Detail
XmlRootElementPayloadMethodProcessor Class Spring WebService Detail
XmlValidatingMessageSelector Class Spring Integration Detail
XmlValidationException Class Spring WebService Detail
XmlValidationModeDetector Class Spring MVC Detail
XmlValidator Interface Spring WebService Detail
XmlValidatorFactory Class Spring WebService Detail