List of Java BigData FrameWorks and their Dependencies

Framework Dependencies
Apache Accumlo Apache Commons, Apache Thrift, Java SE, Apache Hadoop, Apache Maven, Apache Log4j
Akka Java SE, Scala, JBoss, Apache Camel
Apache Avro Java SE,Apache Hadoop, Apache Maven, Apache Trevni, Jetty, JBoss, Apache Ant
Cascading Java SE, Apache Hadoop, JGrapht, Junit
Apache Crunch Java SE
Apache DataFu Pig Apache Pig, Java SE
EkTorp CouchDb Java SE, Spring Framework, Android, Apache Http, Faster XML
Apache Flink Netty, Apache Avro, Apache Flink, Esoteric, Apache Hadoop, Apache Commons, Java SE
Apache Flume Cloudera Manager API, Java SE, Google Protocol Buffer,Apache Thrift, Apache Log4j
Apache Giraph Jython,Java SE, Google Guava, Apache Avro, Apache TinkerPop, Netty, Apache Hadoop, Yammer, Apache Hive, Apache Gora
Apache Hadoop Java SE, Apache Log4j, Apache Ant
Apache HBase Java SE, Apache Hadoop
Apache Hive Apache Tez, Apache Parquet, Apache Thrift, Apache Ant, Apache Hadoop, Apache Accumlo, Apache Calcite, Facebook Api, Apache Pig, Junit, Jline, Log4j, Antlr
JBoss Infinispan Java SE, Jboss
Apache Jena Java SE
Apache Kafka Java SE
Apache Mahout Java SE, Apache Hadoop,Google Guava, Apache Lucene
MongoDb Java SE
Morphia MongoDb Java SE, MongoDb
Apache Oozie Apache Commons, Apache Hadoop, Apache Log4j
Apache Pig Java SE, Apache Hadoop, JRuby, Antlr
Apache Samza Java SE
Apache Scoop Cloudera Manager API, Java SE
Apache Spark Java SE
SpringData Java SE, MongoDb, Spring Framework, Log4j, Fasterxml, Mysema
Apache Storm Apache thrift, Java SE, Esoteric Software, Apache Kafka, Apache Maven, Clojure, JBoss
Apache Tez Apache Hadoop, Java SE
Apache ZooKeeper Java SE

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