MongoDB NoSQL - New Classes and Interfaces in MongoDB 3.1

New Classes and Interfaces in MongoDB 3.1


AccumulatorsClassBuilders for accumulators used in the group pipeline stage of an aggregation pipeline.Detail
AggregatesClassBuilders for aggregation pipeline stages.Detail
AsynchronousSocketChannelStreamFactoryFactoryClassA StreamFactoryFactory implementation for AsynchronousSocketChannel-based streams.Detail
BsonFieldClassA representation of a BSON document field whose value is another BSON document.Detail
CommandEventClassAn event representing a MongoDB database command.Detail
CommandFailedEventClassAn event representing the failure of a MongoDB database command.Detail
CommandListenerInterfaceA listener for command eventsListener for command failure eventsDetail
CommandListenerMulticasterClassA multicaster for connection events.Detail
CommandStartedEventClassAn event representing the start of a command execution.Detail
CommandSucceededEventClassAn event representing the completion of a MongoDB database command.Detail
CoordinateReferenceSystemClassA GeoJSON Coordinate Reference System (CRS).Detail
CoordinateReferenceSystemTypeEnumenum CoordinateReferenceSystemTypeAn enumeration of the GeoJSON coordinate reference system types.Detail
GeoJsonCodecProviderClassA provider of codecs for GeoJSON objects.Detail
GeoJsonObjectTypeEnumenum GeoJsonObjectTypeAn enumeration of GeoJSON object types.Detail
GeometryClassAn abstract class for representations of GeoJSON geometry objects.Detail
GeometryCollectionClassA representation of a GeoJSON GeometryCollection.Detail
GeometryCollectionCodecClassA Codec for a GeoJSON GeometryCollection.Detail
GridFSBucketInterfaceRepresents a GridFS BucketGiven a id, delete this stored file's files collection document and associated chunks from a GridFS bucket.Detail
GridFSBucketsClassA factory for GridFSBucket instances.Detail
GridFSDownloadByNameOptionsClassThe GridFS download by name options Controls the selection of the revision to downloadDetail
GridFSDownloadStreamClassA GridFS InputStream for downloading data from GridFS Provides the GridFSFile for the file to being downloaded as well as the read methods of a InputStreamDetail
GridFSFileClassConstructors Constructor and DescriptionGridFSFile(BsonValue id, String filename,Detail
GridFSFindIterableInterfaceIterable for the GridFS Files Collection.Detail
GridFSUploadOptionsClassGridFS upload options Customizable options used when uploading files into GridFSDetail
GridFSUploadStreamClassA GridFS OutputStream for uploading data into GridFS Provides the id for the file to be uploaded as well as the write methods of a OutputStreamDetail
GroupCommandClassThis class groups the argument for a group operation and can build the underlying command objectMongoDB documentationGroupDetail
IndexesClassA factory for defining index keys.Detail
LineStringClassA representation of a GeoJSON LineString.Detail
LineStringCodecClassA Codec for a GeoJSON LineString.Detail
MongoGridFSExceptionClassAn exception indicating that a failure occurred in GridFS.Detail
MultiLineStringClassA representation of a GeoJSON MultiLineString.Detail
MultiLineStringCodecClassA Codec for a GeoJSON MultiLineString.Detail
MultiPointClassA representation of a GeoJSON MultiPoint.Detail
MultiPointCodecClassA Codec for a GeoJSON MultiPoint.Detail
MultiPolygonClassA representation of a GeoJSON MultiPolygon.Detail
MultiPolygonCodecClassA Codec for a GeoJSON MultiPolygon.Detail
NamedCoordinateReferenceSystemClassA GeoJSON named Coordinate Reference System.Detail
NamedCoordinateReferenceSystemCodecClassCodec for a GeoJson Coordinate Reference System of type name.Detail
NettyStreamFactoryFactoryClassA StreamFactoryFactory implementation for Netty-based streams.Detail
ObservablesClass Allows async methods to be converted into event-based Observables.Detail
ObserverInterfaceProvides a mechanism for receiving push-based notifications.Detail
PointClassA representation of a GeoJSON Point.Detail
PointCodecClassA Codec for a GeoJSON point.Detail
PolygonClassA representation of a GeoJSON Polygon.Detail
PolygonCodecClassA Codec for a GeoJSON polygon.Detail
PolygonCoordinatesClassCoordinates for a GeoJSON Polygon.Detail
PositionClassA representation of a GeoJSON Position.Detail
PushOptionsClassThe options to apply to a $push update operator.Detail
StreamFactoryFactoryInterfaceA factory of StreamFactory instances.Detail
SubscriptionInterfaceA Subscription represents a one-to-one lifecycle of a Observer subscribing to an Observable.Detail
UpdatesClassA factory for document updates.Detail
WritableServerSelectorClassA server selector that chooses servers that are writable.Detail

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