Java SE - XPath Classes and Interfaces


XPathInterfaceXPath provides access to the XPath evaluation environment and expressions.Detail
XPathEvaluationResultInterfaceThe XPathEvaluationResult interface represents the result of the evaluation of an XPath expression within the context of a particular node.Detail
XPathEvaluationResult.XPathResultTypeEnumXPathResultType represents possible return types of an XPath evaluation.Detail
XPathExceptionClassXPathException represents a generic XPath exception.Detail
XPathExpressionInterfaceXPathExpression provides access to compiled XPath expressions.Detail
XPathExpressionExceptionClassXPathExpressionException represents an error in an XPath expression.Detail
XPathFactoryClassAn XPathFactory instance can be used to createSee newInstance(String uri) for lookup mechanism.Detail
XPathFactoryConfigurationExceptionClassXPathFactoryConfigurationException represents a configuration error in a XPathFactory environment.Detail
XPathFilter2ParameterSpecClassParameters for the W3C Recommendation XPath Filter 2.Detail
XPathFilterParameterSpecClass XPath Filtering Transform Algorithm.Detail
XPathFunctionInterfaceXPathFunction provides access to XPath functions.Detail
XPathFunctionExceptionClassXPathFunctionException represents an error with an XPath function.Detail
XPathFunctionResolverInterfaceXPathFunctionResolver provides access to the set of user defined XPathFunctions.Detail
XPathNodesInterfaceXPathNodes represents a set of nodes selected by a location path as specified in XML Path Language (XPath)Detail
XPathTypeClassThe XML Schema Definition of the XPath element as defined in the W3C Recommendation for XML-Signature XPath Filter 2.Detail
XPathVariableResolverInterfaceXPathVariableResolver provides access to the set of user defined XPath variables.Detail