Indian Software Industry - Transforming Geeks to Monkeys

I don't know how many times i have heard this. "In India we have abundance of Engineers but scarcity of Good Engineers" and Here they don't mean scarcity of good freshers entering into the industry as most of the IT companies hire IITians and other renowned institutions before looking towards the less privileged ones.

So Why don't we have Good Experienced Engineers when we have abundance of Good Engineering Students. Yes One reason is the outflow of IITians to developed countries for better career but what about the ones who stayed back. Where are they ?

They have been transformed by the Indian Software Industry.

Due to a relatively small share of Indian Software Product market , Most of the Engineers enter the software industry to cater the american companies.

As per the research by a reputed America firm , The Indian software industry specializes in the export of low-end software development services, competing primarily on cost and availability of software talent. U.S. firms do not outsource requirement analysis, specification, and high-level design, nor do they outsource larger scale system integration types of activities to India. They outsourced the low end technical work allowing them to use inhouse staff for more valuable and creative activities. 

Though the Indian software industry tends to recruit primarily engineering graduates, the bulk of the work is relatively non-technical and requires mostly logical and methodical work and a familiarity with software development tools and languages.