Ad Sense alternatives - Adversal , Chitika or Komoona

After being rejected by Adsense, I tried these 3 adsense alternatives and after trying them all for a month i first shortlisted Komoona and Adversal and then landed up being loyal to Komoona.
Following are the characterstics of my blog.

Site type - Blog ( Blogspot )
Category - Technology / Technical Information and Humour
Source - Facebook Page and Search Engines
Audience - US ( 70 % ) , India ( 20 % ) , Rest (10%)

Let me summarize my experience with all.

Chitika - Well I chose Chitika because of its exceptional reviews. Many even recommended Chitika as better alternative than Ad sense but it didn't turned out to be anything for me. Reason being the poor ad serving , PPC ( Pay per click ) and almost negligible ad revenue for Non US traffic. Its good only for sites with repetitive US customers.

Adversal - Adversal seemed to me a better alternative to chitika with better PPC , better ads and good eCPM for ministial and pop unders but again the same problem as they pay good only got US visitors. Poor eCPM for banners and  negligible for non US traffic.

Komoona - Komoona turned out be a much better alternative for my blog. Though they pay only for served ads ( search engine traffic ) but still their ads offers higher eCPM and it keep increasing with increased traffic and better site reputation. Moreover revenue is based on impressions only , you can even have ads at the bottom of the page and can have a PPC ad as a top banner.

Summary - Komoona is good if majority of your site visits are from search engines. Adversal is ok if you have repetitive visitors. Chitika is a Big No.