Why can't we have strong judiciary - Crime and Politics In India


"Harsh punishment for rape victims"
"Fast track courts for rape cases"
"Resolve the pending cases soon"


In India , The voices to give justice to women are at its peak. The youth have come to streets and asking for strong laws and punishment for rape accused. Media is giving 24*7 coverage and hence have helped the protest and revolution reached these heights. The magnitude of the protest is such that even world media is having discussions on the same.

The question that should hit people's mind is how come this protest achieved this magnitude. If Govt would have accepted the above demands the very first day, it wouldn't have taken this shape. To any normal citizen of the world, the demands would look justified. Even Govt says similar things, "The act was brutal" ,"we will severely punish them" , "we will make strict laws for rarest of rare cases".  Though the voice sounds similar but its not same.

"Public is asking for a strict law for such cases and the Govt is just talking of this case".

Whats wrong with the demand to have strong law and faster courts for rape cases. Though Govt may say nothing and say that they support them, but their actions depicts something else. Lets introspect and see why they don't want a strong anti rape laws and to a true extent "Why don't they want strict laws" or a "strong and better Judiciary".

The stand of Govt is somewhat similar to that of Jan Lokpal Bill. Their voices says something else and their actions speaks a different story. Their helplessness is still the same as they feel that even the strict rape laws will go the RTI way.

First the law will be made , and then the activist will use the law against politicians sons, relatives and their known. I will not give a statistical figure like so many MPs , MLAs have such cases against them because i believe any such figure is injustice to our politicians. The fact is that 99 % of politicians crimes gets unreported.

Giving more powers to Judiciary means reducing their own powers. 

Whatever voices are raised on the streets of delhi, will end the Lokpal way. The girl will die the day media will stop covering the story ( Ventilators will only support the life till Govt will keep its pressure on Doctors),  People will be back to work and life on Delhi street will be same.

In India, Animals are treated as God and Humans are treated as Animals.