Indian Politics and The Art of Distracting Priorities

Arvind Kejriwal is all over media again but this time for all wrong reasons. Well to many it could be a surprise but its true, and there is a news channel which is broadcasting this, day and night , 24hrs. I searched kejriwal on youtube for his videos in last 1 week and i could hear all voices against him. How come a person who have always being visualized as the hero, all of a sudden became a villain.

After hearing few things here and there, i thought that it would be injustice if i don't hear the other side of story i.e the stories against kejriwal. "Kejriwal wanted that, Kejriwal broke off with Anna due to this , Swami Agnivesh said this and Bhaiyu ji maharaj said that". 

Well even for sometime if we believe all those stories, we certainly need to ask ourselves. Is it so important ? Is it important for us to understand why anna and kejriwal parted ways or what kejriwal said to someone. Our interest should not be Who said what; It should be who is doing what; Politicians gives all the sweet words to public but what they really do is after whole nation.

I read it somewhere on business insider. "Average people think MONEY is the root of all evil. Rich people believe POVERTY is the root of all evil" and can be well associated with this episode. Who is Average and Who is Rich , Well !! everyone knows that.

I believe public is smart enough to understand that even if its all true , any human is bound to such things. Important is not what people gossip while journey, Its more important to reach the destination.

Watch this and decide your priorities.