Indian Economy - Misinterpretation of Figures

The economy of India is the tenth largest in the world by nominal GDP and the third by purchasing power parity (PPP). Other important figures that will definitely make you proud - 
  • Exports of $210 billion last year, 17th largest.
  • Imports of $327 billion last year, 11th largest.
  • Agricultural farm output 2nd largest in the world and employs 52% of the total workforce.
  • The largest producer of milk, pulses and Jute.
  • 2nd largest cattle population.
  • 2nd largest producer of rice, wheat, sugarcane, cotton, silk, groundnuts and fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • 700 million people use mobile phones, 2nd largest.
  • 3rd largest road network in the world. 

and above all. India is among the 5 fastest growing economies in the world.
Every Indian will feel proud of these figures and might be thinking that though we are not in right shape, but our super economy is helping us to move towards a developed and prosperous nation. In this confidence, we don't mind comparing ourselves to the likes of China and other developed countries. 

FII's are very much interested in our markets ; world businesses are willing to invest ; and the whole world is looking at us, is almost everydays talk on all business channels. 

Well !!! for sometime, we should come out of our sweet dreams and lets realize the truth.  Below is the economic comparison of India and Thailand. Many may feel awkward that why am I comparing Super power India to mighty Thailand but Lets see the facts first -

We are clearly a winner in terms of GDP and GNP but for those who find these acronym alien, let me tell you that we are just winner in terms of population which makes these figures. The real figures that marks the prosperity of the country are below -
  • Per Capita Income of India is 1/3rd that of Thailand.
  • India has 41 % of worlds poor where as Thailand has 11 %.
  • India has 40 % population that lives on income of under 1 $ a day whereas Thailand has just 2 %.
So Why so much huss n fuss when we are not even comparable to Thailand ?

If you are not satisfied with these figures, better visit a less fortunate country like Indonesia , Thailand. Upon visit one would realize , that we stand nowhere in terms of infrastructure and living standards.

FIIs , Foreign investors , Businesses are only interested in our country because they see numerous people in India as the potential customers for their products.  India is just a big potential market for these businesses. Its a mistake to see their optimism as a sign of robust or strong economy. 

Instead of living on false figures and hope , Lets build our nation by first realizing the truth.