5 reasons Why Delhi Assembly is the perfect battleground for Kejriwal's AAP ( Aam Admi Party ) ?

5 reasons Why Delhi Assembly elections can help Kejriwal's AAP in making a breakthrough into national politics

1. Anna started the major Lokpal movement in Delhi only. It was his first Delhi anshan that brought together whole country against corruption. No doubt , the biggest impact of this movement was on Delhites as they participated in this movement in a big way. It's easy to make them recall the movement and get their support by showing them the ugly face of corruption again. Corruption being AAPs major agenda , can help them win votes.

2. It wouldn't have been easy for a new party to jump directly to Lok sabha polls. Moreover , It doesn't make sense to fight elections of level lower than the state assembly with the national agenda.

3. Delhi being a very small and dense state can make it easier for the new party workers to  propogate the party's mission , objective and agenda.

4. All of the Delhi MPs are from Congress. By making corruption as the core issue, they may make people go against Congress and hence can get Congress share of votes.

5. Delhi being the national center place, is a home and frequent destination for many prominent celebrities which may help strengthen AAPs campaign against corruption.

Though they might be able to instigate public anger against corruption with their campaign again, but only election results will tell if they are successful in converting public anger to votes.

Will you vote for Kejriwal's Aam Admi Party ?