ERROR - ORA-01033 oracle initialization or shutdown in progress


ORA-01033 oracle initialization or shutdown  while accessing database.

Possible Causes

1. Database might be starting or closing.
2. Problem with the Database CTL , DBF or ORA files. These files could have been moved or gone corrupt.
3. Database not mounted properly.
4. Problem with the DB service.
5. Improper shut down of Database.

Possible resolutions

Trial 1  ( If Database might be starting or closing )

Wait for sometime and try again. If this doesn't recover , try restarting your system and then restarting DB service.

Trial 2 ( if Database not mounted properly or Improper shutdown of DB )

mount and restart DB again.

SQL> connect / as sysdba
SQL> shutdown abort
Instance ORACLE arrÛtÚe.
SQL> startup nomount
Instance ORACLE lancÚe.
SQL> alter database mount;
SQL> alter database open;

Trial 3 ( if Problem is with the DB service )

go to services.msc and restart the respective DB service.

Trial 4 (Problem with the Database CTL , DBF or ORA files )

Try to recover the files if you have changed or moved these files.

If nothing work better delete the service and DB and recreate it.  
( Make sure that you have required Data backup before doing so, if you need that later)

Step 1 - go to service.msc and stop the respective service.

Step 2 - Delete it by going to command prompt and using

sc delete <service name >  

Step 3 - Recreate Database. 

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